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How to fall out of love |5 ways to fall out of relationship


What is love?

 How do will fall in love?

 How to fall out of love?

What are the things that break Relationship?

How to seduce Man/woman?

  Love can simply be refers to as a feelings one development naturally towards another. It is an intimacy that exists between a Man and woman.

  It is a strong covalent bond between parents and the children, which developed naturally.

  Most love that exists between a man and a woman comes from either the man is attracted with the beauty of a lady or closeness between them.

   It could also come inform of seduce or the man get attracted due to the back and front of the woman.

   However, not all women have that, some have only the back and the front is small, while some have only the front and the back is small.

  But one thing that is very common to women is, “the ability to seduce a man”, when a woman get attracted with either the shape, worth, motivation, inspiration by a man and the man is not given such a woman attention, the next thing is for the woman to seduce him. And eventually, he might later give such woman attention she needed.

    How do you seduce man

 Seducing is the act of getting full attention from someone near us. It’s a form of attraction. Seducing a man is not really difficult, in other way round, it could be very difficult because all men are not equal.

   Majority of ladies of these days are perfect at seducing a man. When a woman want to seduce a man, they start from;

     Mode of dressing

  The mode of dressing in women speak a lot about men reaction towards them. Let’s take for instance; married couples, for a wife to gain his husband’s attention, her mode of dressing must be attractive to him. Especially, during pregnancy and after birth. 

  During her pregnancy, she will experience changes in her body shape, which will make her looks so different in front of her husband.

   Nevertheless, pregnancy make some women more gorgeousness than before, while it make some women unattractive.

   The same thing applicable after child birth, this case all women experience changes in their body shape. So, your mode of dressing as a woman determine men’s fall in a relationship with you.

   A woman “faith Johnson” narrate how difficult for her to gain her husband’s attention at night after given birth. She said:

   After 2½ years of married, we had our first child but during that period, I made a mistakes;

 “my believe was, because I’ve gotten pregnant for my husband, not would changed his feelings towards me.

  I began to dress unattractive towards him that he  complained to me a lot but because am pregnant for him, I believed nothing would happen. 

  But after I gave birth, my dressing still not impressed him.

  One day I decided to go out for shopping and get some attractive clothes because I wasn’t ready to lose my husband, so I’ve to meet up with at least 90% of his demand.

   On a faithful night, I put on one of those clothes I got from shopping and went to the bedroom but all I could noticed was; he was looking at my back as I was going, 2 minutes later, he came to the room and said to me, “you looks so pretty”.

 That was how I seduce him to gain his attention back. 

  Note; if you want to use this method as a lady, you would need to take your time to study the Man, and see which mode of dressing would attract him.

Because not all men would be attractive with your dressing.

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     Word of approach

   A psychologist “David Francis” say do to people according to what you want them to do to you, approach people around you according to the way you also want them to approach. 

   He said: sometimes when I look around me, I discovered that some challenges most people are facing  today and they were not able to overcome them on time as they expected maybe as a result of not seeing people that have once passed through such challenges and overcome those challenges to give them the advice they need to overcome it.

   He added; in these situations, I don’t think there’s nobody that those not passed through a challenges but the way will approach people who supposed to help us out are wrong. Likewise Men and women.

  As a woman, for you to be able to gain a man heart, you need to be humble with your speech towards them.

  Men are always sensitive to speech, the way you greet them, the way you reply them, the way to talk to people whenever they’re around you. Respect yourself with your speech towards people. 

  By doing these, he would walk up to you and he’ll like to make you a friend or gist partner Gradually, he’ll develop feelings for you. 


       Mind read/Study

  I called this method mind study or read, this trick could be somehow difficult. It requires one to think wider and psychologically

  A mind study person must be sensitive to his/her environmental atmosphere, how person reason, what they like to do, their favorite dress, food, play, the kind of friendship that exit between them and the people around them.

  This method often work for men rather than women. Because when a man really have feelings for a particular lady/woman, and such woman is not given him attention, he’ll try to use this method by study:

  •  her favorite dress clothes,
  •  best time she used to have fun,
  •  her most prefer Gift,
  •  some sweet words that can convince her,
  •  Her favorite shopping,
  •  Lastly her mood “the time she used to be in a good mood and the time she’s not.

  Note; women can also use this method as well, by Study:

  •  His mode of respond to people,
  •  The kind of friends he goes out with,
  •  His favorite Sport (but not all men like Sports),
  •  Best time he used to have fun,
  • His favorite food.

   Inconclusive,  to seduce a Man or woman is very simple for those that can follow the logic above.

  However, another great way of seducing a man or woman is: by you to dedicating your time.

  Get the person’s phone number or any active social account, peep into the person’s message box but introduce yourself very well, don’t use any grammatical language.

  Example of a good introduction: “Hi, how are you doing today, how was work. I hope your day wasn’t stressful because I can see by your face before leaving the office, you looks so tired.

  I just want to share my greetings with you. Have a wonderful night”.

  Then take a break for like 2 days before you message again, by the time you start doing that, before you know, two of you will become friends.

 But, during that process of friendship, trying to be shipping in some love words into your conversation.

   Falling into a relationship is easy but heart break or falling out of relationship could be difficult. 


     5 way to fall out of love

1. Prayer 

2. Determination

3. Make yourself available to be hurt

4. Set your target

5. Learn to forget some important things


   Allow God take control of yourself life, surrender yourself onto him and he shall save you.

 But most Christians or Muslims often seen prayer takes time before it come to pass.

   You as a believer, are you praying according to the will of God, before you start to pray, do you asked him to direct you how you should pray and the prayer points. 

  Some prophet don’t really do any research before they into prayer, all they do is to seek God to lead them, to open to them what he want them to pass across to his servant.

  In the book of Matthew 7, 7-8  “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

7:8 For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.


  your decision making matters a lot, though it might still be difficult to forget the intimacy. However, with the help of your determination, you’ll overcome it as time goes on.

  Determination will gives you a strong heart to withstand it. How? Whenever you remember the pleasure time you spent with your partner, an external feelings will succumb you down, which is the determination in you.

   There is a proverb that says: “Determination is the key to success“. However, most people are making use of this sentence everyday, but fail to fulfill the meaning of the sentence. 

  The first key to success in life is to be determined. if you are determine of doing something, you’ll definitely achieve your goals.

   No matter obstacles that might come your way, the determination you have set will help you to overcome those impediment

  Nevertheless, you need something things to make your determination to come true, one of them is prayer.

  It is the first step you needs to take whenever you’re up to something strange or planning to achieve something new or exiting in your life already but you wants to amplifier it.

   Another one; motivation. It helps you to keep your hope live. There are different ways you can be motivated, but one of them I’ll like to figure out in this article is: try to move with the people that are above you. 

  Many successful men and women today were able to achieve their aims and objective with the help of people they walk around with.

   Falling out of love can also gives you a motivation you needed.

   According to a philosophy “James, He said; I was able to achieve my goals when I fall out of love in my school days, because being in a relationship while in school was like a captivity for me, I hardly save money neither to buy textbooks none clothes.

   All I used to do was spending money on my partner not knowing that I was wasting my time, wasting my energy. But when I finally fall out of the relationship, I realized that i was in a darkness.

   Make yourself available to be hurt

  This might song very funny, but it is not. In this case, you need to prepare your cerebrum of reasoning into two different places, one for Positive thinking and the other one for Negative thinking. 

  Positive reasoning is the way of making things be in a right path. Thinking positive in a relationship especially couples brings joy, happiness, understanding, and trust into their lives.

  However, Negative thinking in a relationship could lead to break up because of lack of trust, unhappy mood and lack of understanding. 

  But a relationship that two of you are not yet married, what’s stopping you from thinking both positive and Negative

  These will help you to prepare your mind ahead of what ever that might comes up. Just like you falling out of love.

  It is written in the scripture that trust no Man. How do you interpret that sentence is by dividing your mind set thinking into positive and Negative.

   For instance; a soldier going for a war, he/her knows that is in two ways. He might return safely or the other way round. 

  So whatever that might come his way, he has accepted it before the battle begin.

                   Set your target

  Setting goals is the first step of achievement. It helps you to focus on what you want. Before you enter into any relationship, what are your goals? What do you want to achieve during that period of friendship/relationship?. 

  Moving around someone without achievement anything is like an object moving at a Circular point.

    Set your personal goals with your partner! How?

  Setting goals or Target with your partner does not mean you should tell him/her but instead, discuss in yourself that, this is what you want to achieve during that period of friendship/relationship.

  So that you will not regret falling out of relationship with your partner. And that will enable you strengthen your heart to forget the time you spent with your partner.


   Learn to forget some important things

  Our partners is very important to us, he/She is like our life. Forgetting them could be difficult because of the pleasure time both spent together. 

  Your memory will definitely reverse you back to those moments whenever you see someone around you that looks like your partner. But you’ve to learn to forget those moments.

  One of the most important thing that can help you to forget those moments is the communication.

   Avoid any forms of communication most especially social media. If you don’t want to block your partner on social media, you can mute him/her just for something.

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