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   Ah, but don’t let me bore you with me own dreams my dear. Come, let’s choose your fabrics or do you want ready-made stuff? I have talented tailors who can do a good job within the limited time if you prefer to buy the fabrics and have them sewn. 

  “Fabrics,” said Theodora with dreamy eyes “fabrics that we shall cut into a nice design. The best design to please my husband and make his dying mother happy.

  I want a Nigerian design. Can you do it? Ma, I am sure you can. Go to Madame Alero House of fashion. She is always a best Choice.’ Thank you my dear. What colour do you want dear? Some love a white wedding…..

    “The concept of white goes with a flowing gown. Very European. Think madame, of colours that we can have here on an African soil.”

  “Yours is a creative mind”, and so Madame Alero led Theodora through rows and rows of fabrics of the most pleasant spectrum, scenting the lavender newness that these fabrics brought from their factories of Origin. 

Madame Alero pause and like the practised dress-maker that she was, she looked at Theodora and at a fabric and said, “Wedding colours for a unique African princess? Here we go…..

  This rose pink can go with the sympathy of sky blue. And of course silver…. Or would you like the motif of gold? Silver is more delicate, you see…

Softer-like a bride’s drops. Come, my dear and I’ll show you this gold thread.”

   Her heart thumping faster with excitement: I am in your hands Madame Alero. I want the silver. I also want the gold. Am I alright?

   Of course, my dear. You are fine. Not many can handle a wedding at such a short notice. And your joy shows my dear. When you came through the door of this shop you brought this sun in…. So you want the silver and gold. Right?

   The silver on the rose pink and the gold on blue. Royal colours! Such royal colours! You are a princess of love my dear and I am the Queen-mother of fashions. Come along my dear.

    Madame Alero led Theodora to an inner office which was more of a utility cubicle with a drawing board, a small desk and a chair. On the table was a catalogue marked Alero House of fashion.

  As Theodora took these details in, Madame Alero in quick strokes did a sketch on her large drawing book.

    “Do you like it”

   “I am overwhelmed! Theodora clasped her hands. I have always wanted my wedding dress to be beautiful and unique.”

  “Anything special for your bridesmaids? I have this new design.”

   Mentally, Madame Alero noted the bridesmaids design she had only recently done for a wedding which was also scheduled for the coming Saturday.

   I’ll save you time for a brand new design. I’ll take that one for my own bridesmaids.”

   Over a bottle of soft drink, the bill was settled by Theodora. It was only then Madame Alero learnt that the haste for the wedding was to allow Theodore’s mother-in-law to witness the wedding before passing away into transition due to her terminal attack of cancer.

  Also, it was then that Madame Alero knew that the bride’s name was Theodora.

   My dear, come for fitting tomorrow evening at this address.”

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