Love Story

Wedding is always a pride of human

   Colours are offsprings of the sun and a happy soul must rejoice in colours. Give me colours and I’ll dress you like a beautiful bride.
   This was how madame Alero charmed herself into the heart of Theodora.

  Smiling, Theodora responded: you must have read my thoughts. I’m a bride. A bride on Saturday.

   Madame Alero, a little sprite on her feet stood up from her well cushioned chair, her lean but youthful face creasing into line of laughter, her eyes big and lovely, bore into Theodora. 

  Madame Alero rejoiced: “Oh such luck! Such luck you’ve brought me on a Monday morning. A bride steps into my house of fashion

   Welcome to Alero House of fashion. My dear…. Saturday did you say? You’re getting married in five days time?“

  “yes. That’s what it is. We have a special licence. It is not my fault madame. Come to think of it, it is not anybody’s fault. Attah and I met last month….”

  “Oh God! this is a fairy tale. My dear, you must be the very princess of Fortune.

  “…. After two years when he left for overseas.”
” Oh” said madame Alero, her palms to her heart, “it was not last month that you first met?

 “No. We met two years ago and we fall in love. Then he had to go for an advanced course abroad, and I could not go with him because I was at the University and of course, because of other reasons.

   Nothing bad really. And then he came back last month but popped the question a few days ago, insisting that we must marry this Saturday.”

   Theodora had stars in her eyes; such stars that made madame Alero peep into a wonderland of love and happy marriage through her stimulated imagination. She clasped Theodore’s hands as she would her daughter’s.

Madame Alero slipped into momentary reverie saying: “Now I wish all of life was a wedding, the joining together of people with love and affection.

   And our hearts would be joyful like a bride’s and our confidence unshaken like a bridegroom…. 

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