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Ecobank Transfer USSD Code: How To Transfer Money From Ecobank.


  Ecobank one of the uncommon Banks in Nigeria majorly because most people don’t believe in them and their service instead, many prefer GT bank, first bank, UBA, Sterling bank, fcmb, access bank and others.

  Trust me, all this banks use similar service to perform their daily activities and all have one or two problems.

  So I don’t see any reason why one should be selecting banks because of charges or service as far your money is secure. 

  However, I’m not writing this article to advertise any banks neither underrating. This article is strictly for those using Ecobank and don’t know whereabouts their Ussd Code to make transactions from their Ecobank account to another.

   First and foremost, the using of Ussd Code as really made things easy for customers to navigate through their bank account without going to the ATM machine or visiting customer care representative. Majority of Banks in Nigeria have adhere to the uses of Ussd code just like the one I’m about to review.

Table of Contents

1. What are those things I can perform via Ecobank Ussd Code

2. How to register and activate Ecobank Ussd Code

3. How to transfer money from Ecobank to another banks

4. How to check Ecobank account balance

What are those things I can perform via Ecobank Ussd Code?

  •  Transfer money
  •  Buy airtime
  •  Pay bills
  •  Check account balance
  •  Check mini account statement.


  How to register and activate Ecobank Ussd Code to transfer money.

 Before you proceed to the registration and link your mobile number with Ecobank Ussd Code to enable you to make transactions, there are some important things you need to know. Below are those things;

  •   On every transactions you make via Ecobank Ussd Code, service charge of N6.98 or approximately N70 is mandatory.
  •   It’s essential to link your mobile number that was used to registered your Ecobank account.
  •   It’s available for both New and existing customers. 

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 To register and activate Ecobank on your alert SIM for transactions and other activities;

  •  Dial *326#
  •  Enter 326 to accept service charge
  •  Press send/Ok
  •  Follow the display instructions to activate your SIM and generate your 4 digits secret PIN for any transactions you will be making using Ecobank Ussd Code.
Ecobank transfer code


  How to transfer from Ecobank to another bank


  •   Simply dial *326# on your mobile phone number that was used to registered your account.
  •   Press 326 to accept the service charge
  •   Press Okay/Send
  •   Select transfer funds
  •   Enter the recipient account number
  •   Select the bank
  •   Enter the amount you want to transfer
  •   Confirm the details you’re about to transfer to and enter your 4 digits PIN
  •   Press Send/Okay
  • Once your transaction is successful, a transaction debit alert will pop up.

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How to check Ecobank bank account balance

 To check your Ecobank account balance, it’s still the same Ussd Code. However, will be charge a sum N6.98 also. Below are the steps to check your Ecobank account using Ussd Code;

  •   On your mobile phone number that was used to registered for the account
  •   Kindly dial *326#
  •   Press 326 to accept the service charge of N6.98 approximately N70
  •   Select account balance


  Note: The service charge of N6.98 is mandatory for other Banks as well, not only Ecobank. whether you use GT bank, first bank, UBA, Sterling bank as far you make an attempt to use Ussd Code, service charge will be deducted from your credit and not from your bank account balance.

  However, I always advise some of my friends, if they have data on their phone, they should make use of their respective Mobile Bank application to make any forms of transactions. 

   It’s completely free apart from transaction charges. 

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