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How to know fake bank alert


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  One of the major challenges Nigeria is facing today is the issue of fraud. particularly the fake bank alert.

  In order to reduce excessive cash handling in the nation, the central bank of Nigeria implemented a cashless policy some years back. Since then, transfers and mobile banking have become more and more popular for daily inter-person transactions.

  This positive tendency has also been used by scammers to defraud victims and take advantage of individuals.

Data required to send a fake bank alert

  There are two essential conditions that must be met in order for someone to send you a fake bank alert:

  • Account details
  • Phone number

  A mobile phone number is entered into the malicious software, which then sends you the fake alert. However, it is not necessarily the phone number that is linked to your bank in order to transfer you money or make purchases of any kind.

Fake bank alert Apps

  To effectively complete their operation, the perpetrators of this crime employ a number of applications and platforms. These are the apps that might issue false bank notifications in Nigeria.

1. Money prank pro version

2. Flash fund App

3. Lofty SMS App

4. Pro and fake bank alert creator for Android

5. Millionaire fake bank alert

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How to identify fake bank alerts in Nigeria

 There are several things to look for when receiving cashless from a customer, friend, or stranger. This enables you to distinguish fakes from the real alert.

1. The fraudster will request your account details and also your mobile phone number, specifically the one you used for your bank account, which is inappropriate. For any transaction to be done, all that is needed is an account number, the type of bank, and the name of the receiver.

2. Your original bank alert will display your balances both before and after. Watch out for this part.

3. You can also recognize fake bank alerts because your available balance won’t be included in fraudulent bank alerts, making them simple to spot. if transfers made by your consumers or purchasers do not display your account balance. Always take note of your previous balance, and if the amount is the same after the transaction has been done, be aware of a fake bank alert. 

4. A fake bank alert will not display your account statement. (i.e. showing your previous balance alongside the new transaction)

5. Watch out for spelling errors. The transfer of fake bank alert SMS will not be credible or look professional.

6. Lastly, if it’s a mail notification, check the source and also the official address to see if it’s corresponding with your real bank.


 With this little explanation, I strongly believe that you cannot be defrauded via a fake bank alert. 



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