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   Zoom has become one of the popular app, particularly in organizations for meetings, interviews, training, e-learning, and other purposes.

   The Zoom app has been in existence but remained unpopular until around 2019 when several people could not go to work or travel from one place to another, and students could not go to school due to the pandemic (COVID-19).

  Then, many organizations, including schools, decided to use Zoom for online work (remote), e-learning, and online training, and many of these organizations still do. But our major focus today is how you can mute yourself or unmute yourself while using the Zoom app.

  One of the many reasons why you should mute yourself while using Zoom, particularly for meetings, is to avoid background noise. If you are the Zoom host, you may decide to mute the entire membership of the meeting. Check the steps below.

  How to mute on zoom

  • To mute yourself, join a Zoom meeting. You can use any device that supports zoom.
  • You will see a microphone icon, usually at the bottom left corner of the page, and if you can’t find it, tap the screen on the page until the icon displays, click or tap it.
  • The microphone icon may display a red line across it, which means you are already muted, and if not, tap the icon to mute yourself.

To unmute yourself;

  • Follow the same procedure as above.
  • Once you see a red line across the microphone icon, it means you’re muted. Simply tap the icon to unmute yourself.

How to mute on zoom automatically

  This feature allows you to automatically mute yourself whenever you join a Zoom meeting on your Mac, Windows, iPad, Android or iOS device.

  • Launch the Zoom app on your device.
  • Locate the settings and open it.
  • Select the audio option if you are using a PC/Mac.
  • Select the meeting option if you are using a phone or tablet.
  • There are many options on display. You can also decide to suppress the background noise.
  • But below ringtones, if you are utilizing a PC or Mac, tick “mute my mic when joining a meeting“. On other devices such as Android or iOS, tick “Always mute my mic.”

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How to Unmute on zoom meeting on a PC

  This is another shortcut in which you temporarily unmute yourself while utilizing zoom by pressing and holding the spacebar on your PC.

  • Launch Zoom on your computer.
  • Locate the setting and click on it . The gear icon is usually found in the top right corner of the zoom page.
  • Select an audio option
  • Below the ringtones, kindly tick “press and hold SPACE KEY to temporarily unmute”. At this point, you are automatically muted. To unmute yourself, simply press and hold the spacebar key on your keyboard. This feature can also be known as “Push to Talk.”

Frequency asks a question

Q. I find it difficult to unmute myself.

Ans. The host has probably muted everybody. Do not allow other participants to change the settings.

Q. Is it possible for me as a host to unmute and mute every participant?

Ans. Yes, it is possible. You can mute and unmute every participant in the meeting. Since you’re the host, you set all the features from the beginning.

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