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Best 3 Ways to Share Data on MTN 2023|using USSD Code

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    It’s been a long time since you’ve been looking for the code to share data on MTN with your friends, family, or other MTN SIM line you have? Well, that’s our main focus on this post. The steps are easy and straightforward with just USSD Code.

    We’ve previously discussed how to share data on Glo and Airtel. Therefore, we shall discuss the Code to transfer data on MTN only today, our next post will be on 9mobile formally  known as a Etisalat.



    How to transfer data on MTN

    MTN has made all her services easy for their Subscribers. They offered high rate data bundles at a cheap price. It is a Nigerian’s favorite network because of its consistency. I wonder why people are still debating which internet provider is the best in Nigeria.



    How to Share Data On MTN

    There are two ways you can send data on MTN
    • You can either gift data on MTN via MYMTNApp
    • You can as well share data on MTN via USSD Code (*321#)


    How to Send Data on MTN through MYMTNApp

    • Search for MYMTNApp
    • Download this app and install it
    • Open the app on your iOS or Android phone
    • Fill all the necessary information
    • Enter the OTP sent to your phone number you’ve provided
    • Create your username and password 
    • Confirm.
    Proceed to Login and navigate through it, all the necessary information you may need are there for you including checking of data balance, sharing of data on MTN, checking your phone number.



    How to share Data on MTN using Ussd Code

    • Simply dial *321# 
    • Select 2 (Gift data)
      There are four options
    1. Transfer from data balance
    2. Buy for a friend
    3. Request from a friend
    4. View pending Request. 
    • Select Transfer from data balance
    • Enter the person’s phone number you want to share data with
    • Enter the amount and confirm by clicking on send/Okay




    Code to share data on MTN

    • Dial *321*phone number*data amount#
    • For instance: *321*08056644330*500#
    • Press send/Okay
    However, we always recommend you dial the code chronologically. For instance; *321# and select Gift Data, this will help you to avoid mistake that might occur if you use the second method above.




    Code for transferring data on mtn
    • Dial *321*phone number*data amount# and send (i.e. *321* +234 81456 342*1000#) please note: don’t use the phone number in this article so that you won’t go and mistakenly share your data for me. Because I’ll only pray for you, I may not refund it. That’s sounds funny.




    How to buy data for a friend on mtn
    • Dial *312#
    • Select Data services
    • Then choose Gift Data
    • From the options display, Select buy for a friend.
    • Enter the recipient phone number and the amount
    • Press send. 




    How to send data on mtn

    • You can transfer data with MTN USSD Code or visit play store and download MYMTNApp.

    Frequently Asked Questions



    Q. Code to share data from mtn to airtel

    • Ans. You can only share data or airtime within the cycle and not outside the cycle. This means you can only transfer data from MTN to MTN and not from MTN to airtel. Airtel is a different network own by another organisation and not the same organisation with MTN. However, both of them provide the same service.

    Q. How to send data from mtn to airtel

    • Ans. The above answer have give justice to the question


    Q. How to send data from mtn to glo

    • Ans. Glo is operating under organization different from MTN. Therefore, you can only transfer from Glo to Glo or MTN to MTN

    You can use any of the steps in this article to share your MTN data with your family, friends or even within a small business such as cyber cafe.



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