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Airtel Night plan |enjoy your free night browser with Airtel


   Airtel Company has been one of the most success networking companies in some countries, especially in Africa.

  However, the company has made his Data plans easy by providing a Night browsing with less cost that could offer you Gigabyte.


  Airtel Night plan Code

>> Simply dial *312#

>> Enter 3 (Night browsing 12am-5am)

   Other Airtel Data plans including;

  •  Daily Data plans
  •  Weekly Data plans
  •  Monthly Data plans
  •  Mega Data plans
  •  Binge Data plans
  •  Big Data plans
  •  Social media Data plans


  Daily Data plans; Daily plans should be used in the case of an emergency. It gives you the opportunity to subscribe for a short data plan.

 This data plans is often good for students, maybe anytime they want to do their assignments, I will recommend this plan for them, because is a less cost Data plans. 


   Weekly Data plans: This plans is good for job seeker or Students also, because I believe they are not financially strong to go for monthly Data plans neither mega Data plans.


   Monthly Data plans: most people prefer to go for this plan whether financially stable or not. Although, this plan gives you Gigabyte rather than megabyte and could last long depending on the usage.

  Perhaps, monthly Data plans could serve as disadvantage for students, because student with this form of Data plans, always left behind in class because they’ll definitely get distracted with social media. 


   Mega Data plans: This plans can also be know as monthly Data plans but for those that are running Small business or Small organization.

   I will not recommend this plans for none business Organization, because it’s 2x of monthly Data plans.

  It is best suited for an organization or small business with 2 or 3 employees.


   Binge Data plans: Binge plans combine both daily and weekly Data plan. But in this case, Binge Data plans offer you Gigabyte for either 1, 2 or 7 days, while Daily and weekly offer you megabyte.

   This plans is good for people that want to update their applications on Google play store.


  Big Data plans: Organization with over 4-5 employees should used this plans as it offer Gigabytes that double other plans and it also offer you Terabytes.


  5  Organization or business that can use Airtel big Data plans;

 1. Cyber Cafe with large audience.

 2. Online marketers

 3. Bloggers

 4. YouTube channel owner with steady income

 5. Social media manager


   Social media Data plans: social media platforms is one of the most popular things in the world. Such as:


  •  Facebook,
  •  twitter,
  •  Instagram,
  •  LinkedIn
  •  Reddit,
  •  YouTube,
  •  Pinterest,
  •  Tumblr,
  •  Bigo,
  •  WeChat and others.


    Benefits of Social media including;

 1. Communication

 2. Research

 3. News

 4. Entertainment

 5. Selling products


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  Nearly, all the networking companies have made it easier to subscribe for social media base on our financial situation.


    How to subscribe on Airtel SIM

>> Simply dial *141#

>> Enter 2 (Data bundles)

>> Enter your choice of subscription.


     How to check Airtel Data balance

>> Simply dial *140#

>> Am Sms contain your Data balance will be send to you.


>> Dial *141#

>> Enter 9 (Data balance)

>> Am Sms will be send to you

IN Summary

 To bypass this Sms alert simply dial *141*1#

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