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How to make mango ice cream

 Mango ice cream or frozen yogurt

  This mango ice cream usually takes time to make,   it requires only few ingredients and less cost of money.

  I always make money from this homemade mango ice cream and I spend less. I buy my mangos and other fruits in buck and store them inside freezer, because I enjoy taking fruit every morning to help my metabolic action especially for digestion which as being keeping me healthy.

  However, there are some homemade recipes we can be using as a source of income. But the ability to discover those recipes that would probably be profitable in our domain is what you needed.

  If you don’t normally take fruit every morning before you even take your breakfast, I’ll recommend you should try to be taking at least one fruit every morning for a week and see how your immune system will be strong and fight against any foreign diseases.

 How to make mango ice cream

Here are the basic approaches to make mango ice cream

  • Mango – 200 g [1 ⅓ cup]
  • Whipping cream – 200 ml [20% to 30%]
  • Sugar – 25 g (or honey)
  • Condensed milk – 100 g
  • Pista – garnish
  • Cherry – garnish


  • Wash the mango under running water thoroughly
  • Chop mango and add sugar or honey (as per your taste) to a blender jar.

  • Now mix the mango and and sugar together in a small bowl into a thick paste and put in a safe spot.

  • Next Step; leave the bowl to cool for approximately 60 minutes, at that point, pour the whipping cream and whip the cream untill tops. Don’t over whip the cream. After frozen yogurt or ice cream its taste is like butter.

  • Next step; add the dense milk and mix delicately. Empty the mango mash into it and mix carefully. Keep it in an impenetrable (airtight) holder freeze for approximately 8 to 10 hours depending on the fridge you’re using.

 Your mango frozen yogurt is ready.

In conclusion

 Mango frozen yogurt or ice cream is an nutritional recipe which contains:

  • Calories 234
  • Fat 6g
  • Carbs 42g
  • Fiber 3g
  • Sugar 39g
  • Protein 4g

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