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Sweet words to tell your girlfriend

17 sweet words for Her

1.  I wish all of life was a wedding, the joining together of people with love and affection. And our hearts would be joyful like a bride’s and our confidence unshaken like a bridegroom…. 

2.  Give me colours and I’ll dress you like a beautiful bride. Colours are offsprings of the sun and a happy soul must rejoice in colours.

3.  Let met hearts together to form a single ice-block and let’s enjoy the coldness together.

4.  All the first nine planets moves round the sun to shine lights into their world, give me a chance to moves round you and light up my world.

5.  Sweetie, why are you angry at me, beautiful girl like you don’t not supposed to be angry. Allow your beauty to shine like a Star.

6.  The Last time I saw you smiling was as if am on the pitch playing ball and someone wake up to me and said; take this glucose for energy refreshments. Your smile refresh my body system.

7.  Smile for me and I will tell you who you are.

8.  Allow me to peep into a wonderland of love and happy marriage with you.

9.  Let your smile fabricate my life into Gold.

10.  Give me another chance to deep into your Ocean and make it my permanent House of fashion. 

11.  There are three types of love most people don’t know, which are Sun, moon and you babe. Sun for morning, moon for night and you sweetie forever. 

12.  I have many things to tell you but I feel stuck and slip whenever you’re in my front. Your love in my heart has overwhelmed all the words I supposed to say, right now the only word keep knocking on my heart is “I love you“.


13.  Each day I wake up in the morning, I wish myself a beautiful day ahead just like your smile.


14.  Could you please help me to call a lifeguard, because i see myself drowning in your love! babe


15.  Looking at you each time I sight my eyes on you, I begin to wonder, what’s an angel doing among human being.


16.  The sun shine and brighter during the day and the birds are happy whenever sunshine, the fishes are happy during the night, I’m happy today because your single smile made my entire life!. 


17.  There are a lot of beautiful lady just like you but none of them has magnetic love as you which keeps attracting my iron love. 

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