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Glo recharge Code; How to recharge Glo SIM using Ussd Code.

  Many Glo users are still finding it difficult to remember Glo recharge Code particularly the New Glo customer.

  It is important for us to know some of the Ussd Code of all the telecom network we have in Nigeria including MTN, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat in case of emergency need.

  Before, has a new telecom users of any network in Nigeria, you will needs to keep the SIM pack for future purpose just like the way you are looking for the code to recharge your Glo recharge card, all you need is to go to where you keep it and check for the Code not only the code but other important code as well.

  However, technology as taking over everything, you don’t need to be keeping the SIM pack anymore. All you need is just the ability to recall the Ussd Code you will need in your daily activities.

  But I’ve noticed that people who are finding it difficult to load Glo recharge card are the ones with multiple SIM card and the New Glo users.

  If you’re reading this article, you are in a right place. Where will provide solution to any forms of challenges you may be facing with any of the telecom network will have in Nigeria.

  How to recharge Glo Card

After you have purchased the card from the recharge card seller.

  • Simply dial *123*PIN#  (15 digits number)
  • Press send/Ok

You should receive a notification message, title your as recharge is successful.

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  When you buy card directly from any of your Banks, I will automatically load and your bank will take the profit because if credit you purchase from your bank, they have their own profit. 

 In most cases your bank will be send you a notification message that you should buy card from them not because of anything but because of the profits.

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 With the above explanation, I believe you should be able to recharge your Glo Card.

  In some cases, you can get bundle volumes of your recharge, it depends on the type of Glo tariff plan you are. 

  However, Glo yakata tariff plan is the best option, currently Glo yakata tariff plan is only available for existing customers who have not migrate out of the plan and once you migrate off Glo yakata tariff plan, you can no longer migrate in. Instead you can migrate to Glo Berekete tariff plan or other plans available. 

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