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How to borrow data from Airtel Smartphone network using Ussd Code

 Airtel data loan is the service introduced by Airtel Smartphone network and other telecom Companies that enable the eligible users to borrow and pay back later.

  Borrow of data is always the best option in case of emergency need and pay from the upfront recharge.

  This was my usual habit when I was in college, I usually borrow data from Airtel Smartphone network if I don’t have enough cash and pay back from my upfront recharge.


Below are the data and the repayment amount:

Data loan  Bundle price  Validity   Repayment

10mb            N50                   1 day             N57.5

 50mb           N100                1 day              N115

 200mb         N200                3 days            N230

 350mb         N300                7 days            N345

 750mb         N500                14 days          N575

 1.5Gb           N1,000             30 days         N1150


  Who is Eligible to borrow data on Airtel

Airtel prepaid customer who have successfully registered his/her SIM with any of the Airtel agent.

Customer’s will be eligible to borrow data base on the recharge. (i.e for a customer to be eligible, he/she most recharge at least N200 for 3 consecutive months. Within 90 days)

Customer who have paid off his/her previous loan on Airtel is entitled to borrow another one.


 How to borrow data from Airtel

  • On your mobile phone (i.e on the  Airtel SIM you want to make borrow)
  • Kindly dial *500#
  • Select 3 (borrow data)
  • Select your choice of borrow


  To check your Airtel Data balance

Simply dial *140#



  • 15% service charges is attach.
  • Only the Eligible customers are liable to borrow.
  • Your repayment will be automatically debit your account once you recharge your Airtel SIM.

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