What does pending mean on Snapchat

   Snapchat is one of the social media that requires time to study and understand all the features and their functions just like Twitter and other social media. 

  However, it is a great social media to have fun, interact with friends and family, and also get connected to other people.

   Sometimes, Snapchat users get a Pop up notification “pending message or waiting to send” whenever they are try to reach out of someone on Snapchat.

  There are different things that could cause a message you’ve sent to be pending or yet to deliver to the recipient. 

  But this article will cover up some of the terminology you need to know about this Pop up pending or waiting to send notification.

  Table of interest

what are the causes of pending notification message

what to do when message is pending or not delivered to the recipient.

  Below are the different meanings of Snapchat pending notification pop up whenever you try to send message;

1. Perhaps the person you send message to has not added or accept you to his/her friends list.

  It is highly possible to receive a Pop up notification “pending or not delivered” message  when you just add a new contact to your Snapchat friends list and you message such friend while you’re still waiting for the friend to accept your request. But if you noticed the pending notification message is taking too long, it could be as a result of the person not ready to be your friend on Snapchat.

2. The person has blocked you from his/her Snapchat friends list

  If a person’s profile become invisible to you on Snapchat, it means the person has blocked you from his/her friends list and there’s no how you will send such person message and it’ll deliver. 

3. Your phone is not connected to internet (cellular or WI-Fi)

  In this case, you ought to expect that your message will be pending because Snapchat will not be functioning while you’re offline. Likewise every social media platform, it is required you connect your browsing phone to cellular or wi-fi. 

4. Your account might have be restricted

   Before you account could have be restricted by Snapchat, meaning you have gone against the Snapchat policy. By doing so, you will be able to send or receive messages.

 5. Snapchat down time

 Snapchat might be experiencing technical issues which could lead to temporarily unavailable has at the time you sent a me.


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   What to do if your Snapchat message is pending

 There are couple of things you can try out if the error pending message persistent.

  •   Check your internet connectivity, make sure that your browsing phone is always connected to internet or if any available wi-fi with strong signal.
  •   Check if the person you’re trying to reach out has blocked you or not.
  •   Ensure that the person has accept your friend request if not, the message will remain pending till the person accept your request.
  •   Make sure that anything you do on Snapchat does not violate the policy to avoid Snapchat restrict your account.
  •   You may also try to restart your phone, this could solve the problem as well.

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