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How to verify Facebook business page

The blue checkmark () on facebook verified page and profile mean such page or profile is genuine and trustworthy for public.

There are other great features on facebook to get your facebook business page to the top of other pages. Many business pages are yet to understand the power of verify your page nevertheless, I’ll explain briefly and how it affect your page positively.

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 Why do I need to verify my facebook business page

 What are the requirements for verification of facebook page

How to verify facebook business page or profile

  Why do I need to verify my facebook business page

Verify your official business page or profile on facebook is a key strategies of getting your business page to the top of other business page who are yet to verify theirs.

Below are some keywords you need to know about verify your official page;

  •   facebook believe you can not spam their platform with your business page and your page is healthy for public.
  •  It is very easy to get more organic followers because facebook will keep on showing your verified page for users to follow.
  •  Your business page will appear over other pages in Facebook search engine
  •  Your chance of getting strike by facebook is low…. e.t.c

  What are the criteria for verification of facebook page

  •  Your page must be unique: one page for one business for instance ( your page is title food recipes but you have breaking News content on the page)
  •  Your page must be Notable: if you’re the type of person that do promote content via paid tools (ads) on Facebook, the chance of getting your page verified is limit.
  •  At least your must have descriptions or about which tells facebook what your page is really all about.

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  How to verify facebook business page or Facebook profile

Before you consider verifying your page or profile, make sure you read through the criteria:

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What are the documents required for verification

There are six different options:

  1.  Driver license
  2.  Recent utility bill
  3.  Tax receipt/filling
  4.  Passport
  5.  National identification card
  6.  Articles of incorporation

You should be able provide at least one of these documents and upload it.

Category section

Select at least one of the options in which your page or profile belong’s to

Choose your country 

Other part may be black as it’s optional.

You can learn more about verification of facebook business page or profile. | Facebook Help Centre”

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