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How to get MTN Transfer PIN. “Retrieve or forgotten”

  Many people only think of this when they wish to transfer or share part of their airtime or data with someone else, usually a loved one, but you’ll end up unable to do so as a result of the incorrect PIN you’ve provided. However, the good news in the city now is that you can now retrieve your lost PIN.


   Please note: whenever you’re trying to send, share, or even sell your airtime with someone and you are denied as a result of the following error display:


1. You’re not eligible to use this service.

2. Incorrect or illegitimate PIN

3. Please try again later.

4. Check your pin and try again.

   Then, it’s time for you to retrieve or change your transfer PIN. Someone else might have changed the PIN while your phone was with him/her.

   Notwithstanding, MTN has made it simple for all their users to retrieve or recover their lost security PIN.

 Below are the steps involved:

Step 1. Kindly go to the SMS box on your mobile phone and choose a new message.

Step 2. Type in “YES” and forward to 556

Please keep in mind that it may take some time before you receive any notifications.

Step 3. A message will then pop up, which would have reset your transfer PIN to a default format, usually “0000.”

Step 4. It is advisable to change the default PIN “0000” to a personal four-digit PIN number. For instance; from default PIN 0000 to a personal PIN number ” 4302″

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MTN transfer PIN:

*600* recipient’s mobile phone number* quantity/amount* 4 digit PIN #.

*600*+2347180008008*500*1854# is an example.

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How to change MTN transfer PIN

It’s recommended for all users to change the default PIN number “0000” to their desired 4-digit PIN number.

 Below are the steps involved:

Step 1. Navigate to your message app and open it.

Step 2. Choose New message and type in the default PIN number “0000”. Leave space. Type in your desirable 4-digit PIN. Leave space again. Then retype the 4-digit PIN number and forward to 777.

Step 3. Once it’s activated, an SMS notification will be sent to you.

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