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How to Quickly Check my Airtel Tariff

   Are you trying to figure out how to check your Airtel tariff plan? The steps below will lead you through the process and provide you thorough, in-depth instructions to perform the task: 

How do I determine my Airtel pricing plan?

 Why do I need to know my Airtel tariff plan

There are many reasons why you need to know your tariff plan. I realized several people (Airtel users) don’t really mind of changing their tariff plan neither check to know the current status of their SIM. 

Well, if you’re one of them reading this article, i will advise you to be checking your tariff plan at least once in a month. One of the benefits of checking your tariff plan is the, call rate, airtime bonus and also data bonus. Those are the three things governing tariff plans without them, nothing like SIM card neither tariff plans.

 Each tariff plans are associated with different call rate, airtime and data bonus. In this case, it’s advisable to show wisely while changing from one tariff plans to another.  Below are the steps on how you can know your SIM card status

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  How to check my Airtel tariff plan

 The steps are easy and straightforward. 

 1. Having insert your Airtel SIM card

 2. Kindly go to dial app

 3. Dial *121*3*5#

 4. Am SMS notification will be sent to you almost immediately contain information about your SIM card status.

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  Airtel tariff plan codes

Alternative method to check the status of your Airtel SIM card;

Though, it’s similar to the steps above. The only difference is that, the above method is straightforward while this requires step by step:

 1. Dial *121#

 2. Choose option 3

 3. Choose option 5 

 4. Press send

 Your Airtel tariff plan will then pop up instantly.

In many cases, Airtel often shows your airtime balance alongside tariff plan when you check your account balance, however it isn’t always reliable.

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