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How to find Apple ID without phone or with phones

Perchance when you created an Apple ID and you were not able to score and write it down. Fortunately, this article will enumerate some easy steps to quickly find your Apple ID on your Mac or PC, iPhone, Apple watch, or iPad, provided you have signed in on any of your devices. 

  But if your Apple ID isn’t currently signed in on any of these aforementioned devices or any other devices that are not mentioned, it may require a series of steps to recover or find your Apple ID back.

   Nevertheless, this post will explain the procedure of finding your Apple ID, which is simple and straightforward. Simply adhere to the steps below;

How to find Apple ID on iPhone, Apple watch, or iPad

   There are many ways you can recover or find your Apple ID, but the easiest way is going to be explained in this article.

  • Open settings on your device
  • Click on your username, the first option underneath your profile photo. Note: if you have not signed in with the device, this option will not be there. Instead, a notification will popup asking you to register.
  • Once you’ve done the second step, you should see information like email address and phone number connected to your Apple ID in as much as you are logged in.

How to find Apple ID information on a Mac?

  I can boldly say this is the easiest step of all. It only requires 3 steps with less stress.
  • Kindly turn on your Mac.
  • On your screen, locate the Apple icon and click on it to open the Apple menu.
  • Select system preferences.
  • To display your Apple ID information, click Apple ID.

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How to find an Apple ID on a PC (personal computer)

  • Launch iCloud for Windows. This should have been installed on your device from the Microsoft store. 
  • Alternatively, you can launch iTunes if you have yet to install iCloud on your computer.
  • Once logged in, you should be able to see your Apple ID just below your name, or click account.

Alternatively, you can use any of the below steps.

  • You can check messages, the AppStore, or FaceTime. I believe your ID should be in any of these apps.
  • You can also check your email address.
  • Via any of these two urls, “” or “” in case of auto fill.

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