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How to hide a post from someone on Instagram?


How to hide post on Instagram

 Are you an Instagram fan who usually posts often and, due to that, you now want to hide some of your posts from your followers? You’re on the right page to learn how to do that. 

  As you already know, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with over 200 million users daily, and as a result, the platform has become one of the best sites to generate revenue by advertising your business, promoting your affiliate marketing for free, and getting new valuable customers for your business.

   Likewise, to promote your talent and become a celebrity, However, there’s one advantage that governs all these features offered by Instagram for free, which is “Followers”. Followers, as far as Instagram is concerned, are the main key to generating revenue from Instagram, irrespective of your country. 

  But it is important to know that before followers can start following you on Instagram, your posts must be valuable. Such followers must have found something interesting that would have impressed him. Assume you are not posting anything valuable that would convince Instagram users to follow you. Always follow your Instagram posts, unless you are posting for fun. 

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  At the same time, you can hide your post from your followers, provided you have followers. Instagram has already provided a feature to do that without even blocking them from following your Instagram account. 

How to hide your post from someone on Instagram?

  Of course, you can hide your pictures and other related posts on Instagram from a special group of followers. To do this: 

  • Log in to your Instagram account. 
  • Navigate to the selected post you would like to hide. 
  • Click on the three dots at the top right corner (…). These dots function as a menu. 
  • To conceal the post, select “Hide from” from the display option. 
  • Next is to select the follower you want to deny from seeing the post. 
  • You’re done. 

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How to hide your post on Instagram?

  This time, you’re not hiding it from a specific follower or a group of followers; instead, you want to hide it from all your followers and become invisible to them. Let’s get started. 

  • You can log in to your Instagram account via the app or website (URL)
  • Select your profile. 
  • Select the post in question that you want to make invisible to your followers. 
  • Tap the menu, usually the three dots. From the options displayed, 
  • choose “Archive.” 
  • You’re done. Instagram will finish the job done for you by excluding it from your feed post.

How to mute posts on Instagram?

  This option is best when you don’t want to see the posts of people you follow on Instagram. A post in your feed because what the user is posting does not comply with your area of interest on Instagram and you now want to mute the post. Kindly follow the guidelines below on how to hide posts from people you follow on Instagram. However, bear in mind that there are different ways to mute and unmute on Instagram Click here to see the full details 

  • Click the menu next to the post, usually the three dots (…). The rule applies to all posts, including pictures and stories. 
  • Click Hide 
  • Select “mute” (username). 
  • Finally, click “mute posts.”

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 Frequently asked Question

Q. how to hide my post from someone on Instagram without blocking

 Ans: Simply navigate to the post and tap the menu option, select “HIDE FROM,” then select the follower you want to hide it from. 

Q. How to hide a post on Instagram from a follower? 

 Ans: The steps are easy and straightforward; simply follow the steps under How to hide your post from someone on Instagram.

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