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MTN NIN registration -how to link NIN to MTN SIM


Link NIN to MTN


 It’s now mandatory for all Nigerian to Link there NIN with their SIM irrespective of the number of SIM you may be using. If you have not done so, kindly do because there’s probability that your SIM will be withheld from making calls, text messages and others. However, it also affect the foreigners who are leaving in Nigeria.

What is NIN

NIN stands for National Identification Number. Which is mandatory for all Nigerian to have, serve as a means of identification that you’re a citizen of Nigeria. This number differ from individual which makes it easier to link with individual’s SIM card.

What is NIMC

NIMC stands for National Identify Management Commission. These are group of people that are in charge of National Identification Number registration.

How do I check my NIN number on MTN

  If you have done your (NIN) National identity Number registration and you have linked it with your MTN SIM card, you can check the status of your MTN NIN with NIMC to know whether truly your MTN SIM has been linked to your account.

 code to check NIN on mtn

  • Simply dial *785#
  • Select 3
  • Press Ok/Send

  If your MTN SIM card has been successfully linked to National identity Number (NIN), you will receive a message almost immediately say “Dear Customer, ‘NIN’ national Identity Number has been successfully linked to your SIM card.

  How to check NIN number on MTN

 Peradventure you misplaced your NIN card, whether temporary or permanent card and you didn’t store or copy your NIN number where, where you can easily access it anytime you need it, don’t panic as far you’ve linked it with your MTN SIM card. Simply follow the guidelines below if you’ve been surfing internet on how to check your NIN on MTN SIM card:

  •   Simply dial *346#

 Note: make sure is the same MTN SIM card you used to register during the registration processed. Also you may be charge 

 And if you don’t have National identity Number, you can simply register at any of the NIMC centers near by. However, you can as well visit MTN office close by for your National identity Number registration. 

  The purpose of NIN is to identify individual via demographic data, digital signature passport photograph, fingerprints and others.

 The introduction of the NIN make it easy for verify individual identity in case of any travels, transactions or emergency. 

  Has a Nigeria citizen, if you’re yet to register or link your NIN to your SIM card, kindly take this opportunity to do so.

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