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How to browse with Airtime on MTN Network


MTN PAYU/PAYG Browsing Quick Guide: How To Browse With Airtime On MTN Nigeria


  You can browse with airtime on MTN if peradventure, you have exhausted your data plan and you are not willing to renew your data plan or you don’t have sufficient airtime to renew your data plan. However, it is no longer news that the MTN network is everywhere you go and is currently one of the largest telecommunications in Nigeria.

  Therefore, many Nigerian citizens prefer to use MTN due to three things: the availability of their network, the airtime bonus for both existing and new customers, and the data bonus on every recharge and subscription.

  Nevertheless, read carefully as I will explain a step-by-step procedure on how to browse with Airtime on MTN in Nigeria. 

Before we proceed, learn.

  There is a condition attached to this feature before embarking on it. 

  What is the condition? The condition is that you will be charged at N3 per MB. That is, per 1MB, it is equal to N3. For example, 200 MB is equal to N600 airtime. Below is the USSD code to switch from data to airtime.

  • Open your dial app.
  • Dial *131*200#
  • You will receive a pop-up notification almost immediately regarding your request.


  • On your SMS app
  • Text “RESET” 
  • Send it to 131.
  • An SMS will be sent to you after a few seconds regarding your request to browse with your airtime.

  However, it is important to note that whenever you exhaust your running data plan on your subsequent subscriptions without canceling this feature, your airtime will be used in place of data.

How can I deactivate PAYG browsing?

  To stop using airtime to browse on MTN, simply dial *131*201# and send. A message will be sent to you confirming that you have successfully canceled PAYG.


Frequently ask questions

How do I sign up for PAYG browsing?

  PAYG means browsing with airtime on MTN. However, to sign up for this feature, there are two ways:

  • Simply dial *131*200# (first method).
  • Text “RESET” to 131 (second method).


How to stop MTN from using my airtime for browsing

   In most cases, you might have forgotten that you’ve not deactivated this feature from your line, but all you could notice is that you keep on receiving messages from social media whether you have a data plan or not, and at the end, your airtime will be debited. Kindly make use of this USSD code (*131*201#) to deactivate or stop using airtime for browsing.

How to use airtime to browse on mobile

  • Dial *131*200# to switch from data to Airtime on MTN Network

How do I subscribe for MTNPay as you go?

  • Dial *131*200#


  Ensure you consider the rate per MB before you use this feature, and always remember to deactivate it after using it in order to economize your airtime.

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