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Get YouTube Music Premium For Free | KeepMusic YouTube Music Converter

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    YouTube is renowned as a video streaming service, yet delving into YouTube Music reveals a distinct music streaming platform leveraging YouTube as its foundation.
    With YouTube offering premium services, granting users access to an extensive library of premium video and music content alongside exceptional features, a question arises: Is YouTube Premium inclusive of YouTube Music Premium
    This article undertakes a comprehensive comparison between YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium. Additionally, we’ll unveil legal pathway
    s to acquire a free subscription to YouTube Music Premium. Crucially, we’ll guide you on a straightforward method to permanently unlock the download feature of YouTube Music at no cost.


    What sets apart YouTube Free, YouTube Premium, and YouTube Music Premium? 

    YouTube, akin to many streaming services, offers a free tier allowing users to watch videos with intermittent ads. Upgrading from the free version to YouTube Premium, priced at $19.99 per month, includes access to YouTube Music Premium.

    Alternatively, a standalone YouTube Music Premium subscription is available at $9.99 per month for non-YouTube Premium users. The features provided by YouTube Premium and YouTube Music differ. Importantly, if you’re on a YouTube Free account, premium features are not accessible. Find clarity in the detailed comparison below.


    YouTube Premium 

    • Listen in the background 
    • Download offline 
    • All YouTube Originals
    • Ad-free video 


    YouTube Premium Free 

    • Remix and More
    • Official songs and albums 
    • Play songs without shuffling 


    YouTube Music Premium 

    • Ad-free Music 
    • Listen in the background 
    • Download offline 
    youtube premium annual plan


    How to Obtain YouTube Music Premium Without Payment

    2.1 Uncover a 30-day free trial for users new to the platform.

    Embark on a 30-day premium journey on YouTube Music if you’re a new user yet to delve into the realms of a subscription. Simply create a new email on YouTube Music, opt for the premium user status, and unlock a month of complimentary access to all premium services for streaming YouTube music.

    2.2 Leverage the YouTube Premium Free Trial

    Similar to Amazon Prime users enjoying free access to Amazon Music, YouTube Premium users are granted complimentary access to YouTube Music Premium. First-time users are bestowed with a 1-month free trial of YouTube Premium, automatically extending to a 1-month free trial of YouTube Music Premium. Adding to the fortune, verifying your student status on YouTube can elevate your experience to a generous 2-month free trial of YouTube Music Premium.

    Retaining YouTube Music Downloads Post YouTube Music Premium Cancellation

    As previously noted, during your YouTube Premium free trial, you relish the full spectrum of benefits in video and music streaming. However, the trial has a finite validity. Once it concludes, you face the choice of reverting to standard payment for uninterrupted service or opting for a cost-effective plan exclusive to YouTube Music Premium.

    YouTube Music employs a cloud server to store downloaded caches. Upon the expiration of your YouTube Premium subscription, the ability to download music for offline playback or access downloaded content is restricted. However, we aim to spare you from such inconveniences. To maximize your YouTube Music Premium trial, we present an additional method to ensure your YouTube Music remains perpetually playable, safeguarding your music downloads even after discontinuing the premium service.


    Essential Tool — KeepMusic YouTube Music Converter

    For a budget-friendly approach to relishing YouTube music, consider the robust solution provided by KeepMusic YouTube Music Converter. It seamlessly integrates with both YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Free accounts, allowing you to download your preferred YouTube music as authentic audio files, stored conveniently on your computer. This powerful music downloader offers the flexibility to convert YouTube music into various formats, including MP3, AAC, AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, and WAV, in both lossy and lossless quality.

    Moreover, KeepMusic preserves the original sound quality of YouTube Music and retains essential ID3 tags. Its impressive 10X faster conversion speed proves invaluable when processing extensive playlists in one go. Below, we outline the key features that KeepMusic brings to enhance the experience for every user.

    Let’s delve into the steps of downloading YouTube Music to ensure uninterrupted access to your music even after canceling the premium subscription.

    Step 1: Access YouTube Music on KeepMusic’s Web Version

    Begin by installing and downloading KeepMusic YouTube Music Converter on your computer. Once installed, run the program. On the front page, you’ll find a built-in YouTube Music Web Player—click on it.

    Sign in with your YouTube Music account. You can use your YouTube Music Premium account for access to YouTube Originals, or opt for a YouTube Free account to download songs without ad interruptions.

    Step 2: Personalize YouTube Music Output Settings

    Navigate to the program’s Settings to tailor your YouTube Music output parameters. Sidify provides a range of format options, such as MP3, AAC, AIFF, FLAC, WAV, and FLAC. Additionally, you can configure the output file name, choose the output folder, and establish an organized file structure. If you prefer to save all the music in a single folder, simply adjust the option to ‘None’ under the Output Organized column.

    Step 3: Incorporate YouTube Music Playlist for Conversion

    Navigate to your YouTube Music library and open the desired playlist. The “Add to list” button, located at the bottom right, will activate. Click on it to selectively choose songs or opt for batch conversion of the entire playlist. Initiate the conversion process by tapping “Convert Now.”

    Note: The “Save to list” feature streamlines multiple playlist conversions. Activate it to temporarily compile selected songs in task lists. This allows you to seamlessly return to the library, continue adding songs from YouTube Music, and then execute the conversion for all selected songs at once.

    Step 4: Review Your Downloaded YouTube Music

    In a short span, your sought-after YouTube Music will be downloaded and securely stored on your computer. Easily access the output folder, containing all your YouTube Music downloads, by clicking the clock icon at the top right menu.

    Notes: The trial version of KeepMusic YouTube Music Converter allows converting the initial minute of each song and processing 3 music files simultaneously. Remove these constraints by acquiring the full version.


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