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How to create a whatsapp link | Get WhatsApp link

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    WhatsApp has rapidly transformed the landscape of social media advertising with its significant impact with one of it feature (Creating WhatsApp link) I’ll be discussing on. While it stands out as the most convenient means for individuals to connect, numerous businesses encounter challenges in fostering customer-initiated conversations. This difficulty arises from the perceived inconvenience of adding phone numbers to their contact lists.

    Exciting news for everyone involved – WhatsApp facilitates users in sending messages to contacts without the need for third-party tools! All that’s required is an active WhatsApp account and a valid phone number.
    You can effortlessly generate a “click-to-chat” link, making it a breeze for customers to initiate conversations with your team.
    In this article, SleekFlow will delve into what this feature entails. In the forthcoming article, SleekFlow will delve into what the feature entails, its benefits, provide a step-by-step guide on How to create a WhatsApp links, and some examples of outstanding results. Let’s explore the details together!

    What is a WhatsApp Link (WhatsApp Link to Chat)

    A WhatsApp link serves as a unique URL that facilitates opening a chat directly within the WhatsApp platform. When individuals click on this link, it eliminates the need for both the business and the customer to save any phone number beforehand. Essentially, it streamlines the process, allowing seamless messaging to an unknown contact without the hassle of adding them to your contacts first.

    This useful feature functions on both mobiles and websites. You can easily include these links in images or share them across different platforms based on your specific requirements. It’s versatile and adapts to your needs at different situation. Learn how to change WhatsApp Account to WhatsApp Business Account


    Different types of WhatsApp links

    1. Direct Link: A basic “click-to-chat” link is a combo of the standard link and your phone number. 

    For instance, if your number is +852 6123 4567, your WhatsApp link is Remember, no special characters allowed!2. Direct Link with Pre-filled Messages: Clicking this link auto-fills a template message.
    The format is:<pre-filled message>. Imagine your number is +852 6452 2442, and you want to say “Hello, I’m interested in your WhatsApp API service.
    ” Your link becomes:,+I+am+interested+in+knowing+more+about+your+WhatsApp+API+service.3. Only a Pre-filled Link: Handy for broadcast messages, this link lets you pick recipients after opening. The link is:
    If your message is “Thanks for registering!”, type in! It takes you to your contacts, and you can select who gets your unique message.


    How to create whatsapp link for my number

    Follow these steps to create a WhatsApp link manually:

    • Start with the base URL:
    • Add your phone number after the slash. 
    • Remember to include the country code and remove any ‘+’ or ‘0’ at the beginning of the number.
    • Your final link should look like this:  For example, if your number is +1234567890, the link becomes:

    People clicking on this link will be directed to start a WhatsApp chat with the provided phone number.

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