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MTN 300 for 2GB for 7 days is another way to manage our economy. If you know about MTN’s data deals like TopDeal4ME, Data4ME, Recharge4ME, Combo4ME, SUPER DATA OFFER, and MTN QUICK WIN OFFER, you’ll be excited to hear about the 2GB for only 300 Naira deal. MTN is stepping up its game with affordable data plans!
You might have heard about it, but wondered if it’s real and how to get it.

The 2GB for 300 MTN data deal is pretty rare, so when you spot it, don’t hesitate—grab it! I’ve got you covered in this post with the MTN 300 for 2GB code, eligibility details, how to subscribe, and more. Let’s dive in without delay



Introducing MTN’s 2GB for 350 Naira data plan—a fantastic and budget-friendly option crafted by MTN for more affordable data access. This plan is open to all MTN customers, new and existing, and there’s no need to switch tariff plans to enjoy it.

You can use this data plan on various devices like Android, iPhone, Samsung, Tablets, and it’s compatible with all SIM types—be it 4G, 3G, or 2G.

Originally priced at 300 Naira, it’s now upgraded to 350 Naira. For this small fee, you instantly get 2GB of data. MTN designed this plan with TikTok enthusiasts in mind; it’s a social plan tailored specifically for TikTok lovers, akin to the MTN YouTube plan that’s exclusive to YouTube.

It might seem a bit peculiar, but it’s a fantastic deal for those who enjoy indulging in the world of entertaining and amusing TikTok videos. Get ready to enjoy more data at a pocket-friendly price!

Subscribing to MTN’s 2GB for 350 Naira Data Plan: How to get 2GB for 300 on MTN

To get started with code to get 2GB for 300 on MTN, make sure you have at least 350 Naira in your airtime balance.
Dial *312*3*4# and choose the “N350 for 2GB/7days” option.
Follow the prompts to subscribe, and voilà, you’re all set to enjoy 2GB of data for a week.

Key Points to Remember:

  • The plan’s cost has been updated to 350 Naira.
  • It’s exclusively meant for TikTok, so you can only use it within the TikTok app.
  • If you need a 300 Naira plan for various platforms, consider checking out MTN’s 300 FOR 1.5GB DATA PLAN.

Eligibility Criteria: How to Be Eligible for MTN 300 for 2GB

  • This code is open to all MTN customers, regardless of their tariff plan.
  • Both new and existing customers can use the code.
  • It works seamlessly with 2G, 3G, or 4G SIM cards.
Important Notes:
  • This plan is specifically designed for TikTok; it won’t work on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or for general internet browsing.
  • It’s not suitable for downloading purposes.

Validity Period: MTN 300 for 2GB

The 350 Naira for 2GB plan is valid for seven days, making it a perfect weekly plan for your TikTok entertainment.


Checking Data Balance: How to Check MTN Data Balance 300 for 2GB

Stay informed about your data usage by dialing *312*4#. You’ll receive a notification from MTN with details about your remaining data and the validity period.

In essence, this plan offers a cost-effective way to stay connected on TikTok for a week. Whether you’re catching up on trends or sharing your own content, this data plan ensures you stay in the loop without breaking the bank. Enjoy your TikTok experience with MTN’s affordable data offering!

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