DSTV Uganda Packages for 2024: 6 Best Plans

Choosing the right DSTV package can be a challenging task if you don’t have a clear understanding of what each plan offers and its cost.

This guide provides an in-depth look at the various DSTV Uganda packages available in 2024, helping you select the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Top 6 DStv Uganda Packages

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1. Premium Plan (UGX 290,000 per month)

The Premium plan is the top-tier DStv uganda package, designed for those who want the ultimate entertainment experience. With over 170 channels, including 40 in High Definition (HD), this plan ensures you don’t miss out on any content DSTV has to offer.


  • Channels: 170+ (including 40 HD channels)
  • Content: Latest movies, award-winning TV shows, and comprehensive sports coverage
  • Sports: 16 SuperSport channels for extensive sports content
  • Extras: Free Showmax streaming

The Premium plan is ideal for avid entertainment enthusiasts who want access to the latest and greatest in movies, TV shows, and sports.

Premium Plan Overview

Monthly CostUGX 290,000
Total Channels170+
HD Channels40
Sports Channels16 SuperSport channels
Extra BenefitFree Showmax streaming

2. Compact Plus Plan (UGX 170,000 per month)

The Compact Plus plan is perfect for sports lovers. It provides a rich mix of sports content, documentaries, international shows, and movies.


  • Channels: Diverse range of sports channels
  • Sports: Champions League, UFC, NBA
  • Content: Documentaries, international shows, and movies

This plan is tailored for those who enjoy a balanced mix of sports and entertainment at a more affordable rate compared to the Premium plan.

Compact Plus Plan Overview

Monthly CostUGX 170,000
Sports CoverageChampions League, UFC, NBA
Additional ContentDocumentaries, movies, international shows

3. Compact Plan (UGX 110,000 per month)

The Compact plan offers a wide variety of entertainment options, making it a popular choice among families and individuals alike.


  • Sports: Premier League matches
  • Content: International entertainment, dedicated kids’ and educational channels
  • Special Channels: 24/7 WWE wrestling channel

This plan is perfect for viewers who enjoy a mix of sports, news, and family-friendly content at a reasonable price.

Compact Plan Overview

Monthly CostUGX 110,000
Sports CoveragePremier League
Kids & Educational ChannelsAvailable
Special Channel24/7 WWE wrestling

4. Family Plan (UGX 69,000 per month)

The Family plan provides a good balance of content for all age groups at an affordable price.


  • Channels: Over 110 channels
  • Content: Lifestyle shows, documentaries, European football (La Liga and Serie A)
  • Kids’ Content: Dedicated kids’ channels

This plan ensures everyone in the family has something to watch, making it an excellent choice for households with diverse viewing preferences.

Family Plan Overview

Monthly CostUGX 69,000
Total Channels110+
European FootballLa Liga, Serie A
Kids’ ChannelsAvailable

5. Access Plan (UGX 45,000 per month)

The Access plan is designed for budget-conscious viewers who still want access to quality entertainment.


  • Channels: Good selection of movies, kids’ channels, local and international music
  • Sports: Glimpses of top European football on SuperSport Football

This plan provides a decent variety of content at a very affordable price, making it suitable for those who want essential entertainment without breaking the bank.

Access Plan Overview

Monthly CostUGX 45,000
Sports CoverageSuperSport Football
Kids’ ChannelsAvailable

6. Lumba Plan (UGX 16,000 per month)

The Lumba plan is the most budget-friendly option, offering essential channels for basic entertainment needs.


  • Channels: Popular Ugandan local channels
  • Content: Local shows on Pearl Magic, football on SuperSport Football, kids’ entertainment on Nickelodeon

This plan is perfect for viewers who prefer local content and want a taste of DSTV without spending much.

Lumba Plan Overview

Monthly CostUGX 16,000
Local ChannelsPearl Magic
Sports CoverageSuperSport Football
Kids’ ChannelsNickelodeon

HINTS: When choosing a package, consider what you like to watch, which channels are important to you, and your budget. This way, you can select the package that best meets your needs and ensures you get the most value from your subscription.

PlanMonthly CostKey Features
PremiumUGX 290,000170+ channels, 40 HD, 16 sports channels, free Showmax
Compact PlusUGX 170,000Champions League, UFC, NBA, documentaries, international shows
CompactUGX 110,000Premier League, kids’ channels, 24/7 WWE
FamilyUGX 69,000110+ channels, La Liga, Serie A, lifestyle shows
AccessUGX 45,000SuperSport Football, movies, kids’ channels
LumbaUGX 16,000Pearl Magic, SuperSport Football, Nickelodeon

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