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How to Buy Betway Voucher Using Capitec. Step-by-Step Guide

Betway is a renowned online betting and gaming platform, favored by bettors worldwide for its extensive selection of sports and casino games. It offers a user-friendly interface and robust security features, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable betting experience. One convenient way to fund your Betway account is through an OTT Voucher, which allows you to convert cash into a digital voucher code quickly. This guide will show Capitec Bank users how to buy Betway voucher using Capitec easily and efficiently.

Betway and OTT Vouchers

Betway provides a comprehensive online betting experience with a vast array of sports events and casino games. The platform’s secure environment and intuitive design make it a preferred choice for both novice and seasoned bettors.

To enhance user convenience, Betway supports OTT Vouchers. These vouchers are an efficient way to fund your betting account, providing a quick and secure method to convert cash into a usable balance on the platform.

What is a Betway Voucher?

A Betway voucher is a digital cash voucher code that allows you to fund your Betway account. These vouchers can be purchased online and used to add money to your account instantly, enabling you to place bets on your favorite sports or play casino games without delay.

Why Use a Betway Voucher?

  1. Convenience: Betway vouchers can be purchased online and used immediately.
  2. Security: They provide a safe way to fund your betting account without exposing your bank details.
  3. Flexibility: Vouchers are available in various denominations to suit different budgets.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Buy Betway Voucher Using Capitec

1. Access the Buy OTT Site

Start by navigating to the official Buy OTT purchasing site. This platform allows you to purchase vouchers in various denominations, from as little as R10.00 up to R3,000.00. You can also specify a custom amount if needed.

2. Select the Voucher Amount

On the Buy OTT site, choose the voucher amount you wish to purchase. You can pick from the predefined denominations or enter a specific amount that suits your needs.

Voucher Amounts:

Predefined DenominationsCustom Amount Example

3. Enter Your Phone Number

After selecting the voucher amount, provide your cell phone number in the designated field. This number will be used to send the voucher details via SMS.

4. Choose Your Payment Method

Next, select your preferred payment system. Options typically include Ozow and CallPay. Click the “Pay Now” button to proceed to the payment gateway.

5. Select Capitec as Your Bank

In the payment gateway, choose Capitec from the list of available banks. You will be redirected to a field where you need to enter your Capitec account number and remote pin.

6. Complete the Payment via Capitec App

Once you’ve entered your banking details, open your Capitec banking app. Log in using your pin and accept OTT as a beneficiary. Return to the Buy OTT Voucher site to finalize your payment.

Payment Steps Overview:

Enter Capitec detailsProvide account number and remote pin
Log into Capitec banking appUse pin to access your account
Accept OTT as a beneficiaryConfirm the transaction
Finalize payment on Buy OTT siteComplete the payment process

7. Receive Voucher Details

Upon successful payment, you’ll receive a pop-up message on the screen with your voucher’s serial number and amount. Additionally, an SMS will be sent to your phone with the voucher details.

Funding Your Betway Account with the Voucher

1. Log in to Your Betway Account

Visit the official Betway website and log in to your account. If you don’t have an account yet, click the “Sign Up” button to create one.

2. Access Deposit Options

Once logged in, navigate to the deposit options by selecting the “Menu” button, followed by the “My Account” section. Choose “Deposit Funds” from the dropdown list.

3. Select OTT Voucher

From the list of deposit methods, select “OTT Voucher.” Enter the PIN received via SMS when you purchased the voucher through Capitec.

4. Confirm and Start Betting

After entering the voucher PIN, your Betway account will be credited with the chosen amount. You can now start placing bets on your favorite sports and casino games immediately.

Betway Account Funding Process:

Log in to BetwayUse your credentials to access your account
Navigate to Deposit FundsSelect from the dropdown menu
Select OTT VoucherEnter the voucher PIN
Confirm DepositCheck the credited amount and start betting

Tips for a Smooth Transaction

  • Ensure your Capitec app is updated: An updated app ensures smooth transactions.
  • Check your internet connection: A stable connection prevents payment errors.
  • Double-check details: Make sure the phone number and payment details are correct.

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