GTBank Automated Payment System (GAPS)/GAPS-Lite| Step by Step | GTBank GAPS Portal

What is Domiciliary Account

Domiciliary account in Nigeria is an account introduced by GTBank to enable Nigerians to easily transfer their money (in dollars) from one domiciliary account to another Dom account or other commercial Banks via GTBank GAPS Portal.

GAPS stands for GTBank Automated payment system. It’s a secure web base that helps the process of payroll payments in batches or single payments easy and secure. However, there are two ways to perform this, peradventure you’re using GTBank GAPS Portal;

 You can use your previous GTBank FX transfer module to initiate the transaction and use the approval module to approve.

Financial function of GAPS-LiTe (GTBank Automated Payment system

  • It enable customers to include document to each transaction make.
  • GAPS support local payment.
  • It support payment in batch to any GT account or other banks through NIBSS.
  • GAPS enable customers to make international payment.
  • Payroll payment. i.e. salaries


How can I log in GAPS?

  • For GAPS Portal, Click here
  • NOTE: if you are using phone, do put browser on desktop mode so that you can be able to login
  • Enter your Access code, username and password
  • Tap login


  •  To access your password back, simply visit GTBank GAPS Portal
  • Click on “Reset password
  • Follow the instructions display, your new password will be sent to your email.
  • You can as well send a mail to them via [email protected]


How can I register a customer for GAPS?

To register a customer for GAPS-lite, simply visit the Online Banking for Business widget on the website and Click on the register button.

How to initiate GTBank FX transfer on GAPS Portal.

  To initiate GTBank FX transfer on GAPS Portal, you ought need to login at the top of the menu bar, once you’ve successful login to the GAPS

  •  Select single transactions
  •  Select initiate FX payments
  •  Choose maybe it’s FX transfer GTBank to GTBank or to another banks
  •  Choose your GT bank dollar account 
  •  Select either your account number system (ANS) is nuban or regular, almost immediately a space where to input your account number will display
  • Next enter your details (account number) 

 Note: you can select the beneficiary bank.

  • Enter the amount you want to transfer and click add to batch.
How to Approve FX Transfer on GTBank GAPS Portal

How to Approve FX Transfer on GTBank GAPS Portal

  Note: Not approve FX Transfer.

  •  You’ll then be redirect.
  •   Select “auth”
  •  Click on Submit.
GTBank Automated Payment System (GAPS)/GAPS-Lite| Step by Step | GTBank GAPS Portal

 Inconclusive, you’ll receive a debit alert once the approval is successful.

  Benefits of using GTBank (GAPS) FX Transfer.

  • Real time online access to your domiciliary account.
  • Flexibility in configuration to match the flow of your payments procedure
  • Payments can be initiated and monitored from anywhere on Earth
  • Cheque-books are phased out.
  • Payments and collection method  is efficient and safe 
  • Ease of meeting deadline. 

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