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How to find a girlfriend |Simple trick how you can get a girlfriend

 Relationship is one of the easiest things on earth, it makes one to know one another.
  It could be between the families, friends or relatives. It is the act of showing affection towards someone around us.

  Relationship could be a feelings which develop from our hearts, nevertheless there are some things that trigger those feelings such as closeness, dressing, word of approach or Character.

   How to find a girlfriend: Tips to follow

 1. Make your dressing attractive

 2. Good Character

 3. Be Friendship with ladies

 4. Try to look Handsome

 5. Financial situation

 6. Stick to your capacity

 7. Be calm and allow her to find you in her heart first

 8. Do something fun

 9. Focus on a girl that has similar skills with you.

       » Make your Dressing attractive

   Of course, our mode of dressing plays a vital role in finding a girlfriend or boyfriend.

  For instance; a guy who dress like a street guys will definitely be difficult for him to see a lady that will fall in love with him.

  Even due, if a lady eventually fall in love with him, definitely they both belongs to the same category. “Both are Street walkers”.

  But for a guy whose dressing is moderate and attractive will easy find a beautiful lady that’ll love him and ready to be his girlfriend.

  Ladies of these days are selective because they also want to be proud of their boyfriend in the public and not in private.

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     » Good Character 

  Out of 100% human being on earth, 70% of them are females “genetically called (XX)” while the remaining 30% are males genetically known as (XY).

 From this ratio, should we conclude that some men carries (XX) gene, which means; when a man with (XX) gene cross with a female with (XX) to produce a ratio of 100% female (i.e all the children will be female).

  That’s the reason it’s easy for a man to marry multiple wife.

  But ladies or single woman are watching out of your character. Anytime you see ladies around you, try to be kind to them, share some talk with them, give them your attention even if you’re busy.

  lady love attention, make some funny joke with them that will make them laugh. Try to do something fun that will make them to miss you after that moment.

    » Be Friendship with ladies

  Friendship is the key to a relationship. Making friendship with a lady will gives you the privilege to study her.

  Her favorite thing such as; movies, dressing, how she relate, food, fun, joke, shopping, plans, her reaction towards strange things and many others which I didn’t mention in this article.

  Failure to do those things, could later lead to break up. Because once you’re in a relationship with her before study her, you can’t study her while you’re already in love with her, the love will have cover up everything you needed to know about her at the beginning.

  During this period of friendship, if you know you really love her, I will suggest you should not go straight to her. Allow her to as well develop feelings for you. But the question is, “how do you know whether she has feelings for you?.

 You will definitely know from her body language, she’ll like to know more about you and will hardly allow you to go near other ladies.

  Still, there are some tricks that will make her to develop feelings for you, I’ll explain that as well.

    » Try to look Beauty/Handsome

 Your beauty or how handsome you are could attract people around you. But those beauty or handsome really matters in a relationship? Yes it does and No it doesn’t.

   How those beauty/handsome affect relationship

  Beauty/handsome matters in a relationship to keep the both feelings growing stronger. It attract you more to your partner and set you free from cheating on your partner.

  Cheating on your partner usually develop from Beauty/handsome because when your partner is no longer gorgeous the way you thought, you begin to develop feelings for someone else whom you think the person is more gorgeous than to partner which could peradventure lead to cheating on your lover.

  Why beauty/handsome doesn’t matter in a relationship because it could causes breakup when she/he’s not as you thought, you start to depressed your feelings towards him/her and disagreement will eventually come up.

  But remember if you’re in a relationship with a man because of his handsome, you’re wrong. likewise a man being in a relationship with a woman because of her beauty.

  Remember that old age is coming when your man or woman will no longer be like the way he/she was when both married.

  Note: youths of nowadays are now faking beauty/handsome with the help us cream. 

  A psychologist “Michael Francis” said: “a woman with a beautiful body is good for a night, but a woman with a beautiful mind is good for a lifetime”.

    » financial situation

  To the guys, please work hard in other for you to have happy family. Many single women’s are outside there waiting for Man to walk up to them.

  But you as a man or guy, you want to have a girlfriend without be financially stable. Or you’ve forgotten that women need money to maintain themselves rather than men.

  An author said: “a man without money or financially stable but looking for a girlfriend, at the end, his case will be like fetching water with a basket”.

    » Stick to your capacity

  Most guys like to impress ladies more than their capacity and later bounce back to them.

  Is not until you impressed a lady before she would fall in love with you. There are some ladies that love a man who’s hardworking because they believe a day his coming that the man will eventually hit his breakthrough.

    » Be calm and allow her to find you in her heart

  Most ladies tend to agree to go into a relationship with a man they’ve feelings for.

  Come to think of it, what do you think ladies do think of whenever you ask them on dating and they reply; I’m not ready for that or let me go and think of it, don’t panic accept her respond and Say, “I understand. Thanks for being honest with me”. At that moment, they are not thinking of anything what will determine their decision is right in their feelings.

  If they’re unable to find a place for you in their heart, they will either tells you they’re not ready for dating. But we can only be friends, which is another opportunity for you to gain her heart.  

  Nevertheless, the best way is by allowing them to locate you in their heart, make them a friendship in other for you to get a chance of winning their attention before asking them out for a dating.

  By doing so, it would be difficult for her to turn down your proposal because you’re already in her heart.

   » Do something fun

  This trick as a limit because it will only work within your domain/Organization. Doing something fun could be by playing keyboard/piano, guitar, Drum or even comedy, make yourself a list of things you can do that will attract people.

  This will gives you a chance to move closer to any ladies and your ability to do something fun will show them you’re an interesting person to go around with.

  » Focus on a girl that has similar skills with you.

  Ladies are always interested in a guy with similar skills or something in common such as: character, academic standard, parents influencer and some others.

  Ladies will always be fun being around you when both have something in common. They will want more of your attention especially academically sound.

  That is an high opportunity for you to take your chances. You can try to ship in jealous trick if she has a friend, try to be close to her friend for like three days.

  Don’t give her attention instead give her friend your attention. After that three days,  once she finally gain your attention back, she won’t allow you to stay around any ladies instead she will like to be with you always..

  However, Falling in a relationship with someone you like is always awesome but the question is; “can you hold on to those feelings you have for her/him”.

 If you walk down the street and eventually see someone that’s pretty, handsome, more caring, than that person you already have, won’t you fall out of your current relationship and follow that person.

  This often occur in youths, especially guys, they fall easily and get carry away whenever their eyes sight a beautiful lady. Although ladies too, can be so jealous of that handsome guy and try to seduce him. 

In conclusion

How to make a girl develop feelings for you

  • Make sure two of you are close
  • Anytime two of you are together, try to talk about her friend, admire her friend. This method would make her to jealous.
  • After that moment try to call her via cell phone and share some funny joke with her. Note; don’t talk about that her friend at that moment. 

Follow the steps above, you’ll gain her heart. This trick work perfectly.


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