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How to check National identity Number (NIN)

  National Identity Number (NIN) is a set of digits number introduced by National identity management commission (NIMC) for individuals. It is introduced by the Federal Government to identify individual in their database system.

   During the registration of this National identity Number (NIN), a passport photograph of individual will be taken, finger print and a digits Signature. 

  After that, your NIN will be generate for you within a short period of time. However, it could be a day or two days.

  The purpose of introduced National identity Number, is to identity every citizens and an evidence that such citizens belongs to Nigeria

  Likewise other countries have theirs. But as a Nigeria citizen leaving outside the country, before you can be allow to claim citizenship in other countries, you must have meet up their privacy and policy.

  Nevertheless, in this article, I will show you can check or retrieve your National identity Number if you have forgotten using Ussd Code.

How to check NIN (National identity Number)

  Generally, all telecom Companies in Nigeria including MTN, Glo, Airtel Smartphone network and 9mobile use the same Ussd Code and the service charge is free.

  If peradventure you have forgotten your National identity Number, you can easily check it on your mobile phone provided is the same number you used to register. Follow the steps below

  •  On your mobile phone
  •  Dial *346#
  •  Press 1 to retrieve your NIN

How to Check or Retrieve National Identity Number (NIN) Via USSD

To retrieve your NIN number via USSD perhaps you memorized it and later forgot or you misplaced the hardcopy. Fear not, national identity management commission USSD code get you covered. It does not require internet connection. All you need is your mobile phone that supports call, your SIM card and charges which is usually N20.

How to check NIN number on MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, and online

Two ways in which you can check your NIN are via USSD code or online. However, I recommend USSD code because you will receive it also as an SMS in case you may need the NIN digits number in days to come. Also, the online service is yet to be approved. Below are the justice to all you need:
  • Insert your SIM card on your phone, whether Glo, MTN, Airtel or 9mobile
  • Navigate to phone call app
  • Dial *346#. NOTE: that’s the only USSD code available to check your NIN number
How to check NIN on phone

  • Provided is the same phone you used for registration, select “NIN Retrieval
How to check my NIN online
  • Sum of N20 will be deducted from your recharge balance by your network.
How to retrieve NIN via USSD code
  • Your NIN number will then pop-up. You may also receive it as an SMS.

How to Know if your NIN Card is Ready

To ascertain if your NIN is ready after registration, simply visit the NIMC portal on your browsing phone. On the NIMC portal homepage, scroll down and tap on “e-ID card status“, provide your first name and last name to track your NIN whether is ready. Then tap on “check now” icon button.

How to check my NIN number online

Checking NIN online is yet to be available and improve by the NIMC board. The only reliable way to check your NIN number is by using USSD code

Why is NIN important

Remember that you NIN has all the record about you including your bank details, fingerprints, biometric data, digital signature and facial picture. Therefore, it’s the intermediary between government database and you.
Frequently asked Questions

Q.  Can I check my NIN number online?

  • Ans. The only way to check your NIN number for now is via USSD code

Q. How to register for NIN

  • Ans. Registration is available for 16 years and above. Go to any of the nearest NIMC enrollment center with a valid ID, it could be driver license id, voters card Id etc. And your BVN

Q. How do I link my MTN number to NIN?

  • Ans. Simply dial *785# and follow the instructions display 
  • Make sure it is the same SIM card you used for the registration. If you have misplaced the SIM card, kindly walk to any of the telecom partnership to retrieve your SIM.
  • If you are yet to link your NIN to SIM, kindly do that before it blocked.
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