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MTN call me back Code |using Ussd Code to send call me back message

MTN introduced this plan purposely for an emergency call particularly in case of insufficient credit. I believe everyone is capable of recharging his/her mobile network 24/7, but there are some cases that you will be left with call me back message.  Perhaps you are unable to recharge from your bank account or there is no recharge seller around you and you are not eligible to borrow Xtratime. 

  In this case, if the call is urgent, you can then go for a call me back message. Its required no eligible (i.e all MTN users are eligible to send this call me back message particularly to your love ones, family).

 How to send call me back message on MTN

  Generally, there is only one code provided by MTN, which has some sub-options. Those options including;

  •  Please call me back, I love you
  •  Please send me credit
  •  Please call me, I’ve a gist for you
  •  Please call me, I need your help/assistance


 However, all these options have meaning, but most people using these code can not different or known the best option to pick at the right time.

 For instance; the first option “please call me, I love you”, this should be between two people who are into a relationship. 

  “please call me, I need your help/assistance” which is the fourth option, it should be use in case of urgent call because when you send it to someone, the person begin to wondering that what could have happened, that will trigger him/her to call you back instantly. 

  I hope you’re not convinced? To send call me back message on MTN, follow the steps below:

  •  On your mobile phone
  •  Dial *133#
  •  Enter the recipient phone number
  •  Press send/Ok
  •  Select any of the options.


 However, you can decide to follow the below alternative steps:

 Call me, I love you

  •  Dial *133*1*recipient phone number#
  •  Press send/Ok
  •  For instance: *133*1*09067424678#


 Send me credit

  •  Dial *133*2*recipient phone number#
  •  Press Ok
  •  For instance: *133*2*08067555444#


Call me back, I’ve a gist for you

  • Dial *133*3*recipient phone number#
  • Press send
  • For instance; *133*3*08122243223345#


 Call me back, I need your help

  •  Dial *133*4*recipient phone number#
  •  Press send/Ok
  •  For instance; *133*4*07077778866550#


  • To send call me back message on MTN, dial *133# and select one of the options.
  • All users are eligible for this plan
  • Service charge is free

NOTE: due to the advance in technology, MTN have introduced an alternative to “please call me back message ” which is known as “MTN Beep”.


This is an alternative to “please call me back” ussd code. It is inform of call popularly know as flash but usually not longer than 1-3 seconds. This is just to notify your friends, family, business partner etc. that you care about them but you don’t have enough credit to call them at that moment.

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