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Airtel Data plans: How to check Airtel Data balance

Checking data balance on Airtel SIM, might be kind of difficult for people to understand unlike other network such as: Glo or MTN. These other network allow you to check your balance and seen it instantly. But in the case of Airtel number, it’s require SMS alert.

  Perhaps, other networking companies require sms alert after you’ve seen your data balance. Especially MTN, this networking company allow you to check your Data balance using Ussd Code to know your balance instantly and they will still send you an sms alert that contains your Data balance.

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  Although, checking data balance might be a way of reducing stress for customers in view of the company, while it could serve as sms Spam in view of the customers.

  Step by step how to check Airtel Data balance

 There are two ways of check your Airtel Data balance. The first way include;

 >> Simply dial *323#

>> A message will pop up

>> Wait for about 20-25 seconds

>> An Sms contains your Data balance will be send to you


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  Second ways of checking Airtel Data balance;

 Although, it may be similar but the only difference between the two ways is the Code.

>> Simply dial *141#

>> Enter 9

>> A message will pop up just like the first method.

>> Wait for about 20-25 seconds

>> An Sms alert will be send to you which contains your Data balance.

 Note: if you didn’t receive any Sms alert, probably network error. But to bypass the SMS alert or to check your Data balance directly just like other network, kindly dial *141*1#


 Below are the easiest way to check your Airtel Data plans:

  To know your Airtel airtime balance?  *123#

  To check Airtel internet balance?  *140#

  To check Airtel Sms Balance?  *123*7#

  To check your Airtel Data balance?  *141*1#

  To check your Airtel Night Data balance? *123*197#

  To know your Aitel minutes balance?  *121*1#

  To check Airtel Night Minutes balance? *123*6#

  To check Airtel Number? *282#

  To check your Airtel special offers code? *566#  

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