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How to lock WhatsApp on Android, iphones and other version

  Do you want to lock your WhatsApp and make it privacy in other to deny multiple access to some of your crucial conversations.

   As we all know that WhatsApp is one of the most used end-to-end communication software used by billions of people. It is designed with maximum security to keep all the conversations including texts, video call, Voice note, between the users secured.

  However, to ensure all information and messages on your phone remain secure from an unauthorized users. Aside from phone security, WhatsApp have some of security features to do that such as; Face ID, Finger print, passcode. With any of these security, no one can be able to access your WhatsApp. 

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  In view of these three security method listed above, more people prefer finger print because is very easy to access with less stress. All you need is by you placing your finger on the finger print sensor for scanning.

  Below are the steps How to lock WhatsApp on Android phone

  •  Navigate through your android phone
  •  Click WhatsApp 
  •  Click on the WhatsApp menu (the 3-dot at the top right corner side beside search option)
  •  Click Settings
  •  Select Account

 Under this account options, you can change your WhatsApp number, delete account, request account information which would be sent to you within few days for download. However, the report may not include your messages.

  •  Select privacy Option
  •  Choose finger print lock option
  •  Turn it on by dragging it to right
  •  Confirm your fingerprint by placing your finger on the sensor for scanning.
  •  You can change the automatic lock option.

  How to lock WhatsApp on iphone

 The procedure is almost similar to that of android phone procedure since the both phones are running the same social media (WhatsApp) but on different phone version.

  • Kindly open your WhatsApp 
  • Click on Settings option
  • Select Account 
  • Select Privacy
  • Choose the lock option
  • You can also change the automatic lock settings

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