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How to recover deleted photos on Android phones

   This feature was recently added to all the recent android phones which enable users to recover photos that was deleted from the Google photos folder.

  It works similar like recycle bin on a computer system where you delete a file from your laptop and you can later recovered such file from your recycle bin. 

  However, phones is only program for photos and it has a duration before such picture would permanently delete. 

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  More also, any picture deleted from file manager will not be able to recover or undo because at that moment you’ve permanently deleted such photo from your phone.

  It’s always advisable to delete pictures from Google photos app in case if there’s any necessary for you get from the picture, you can easily undo before the duration period.

 How to recover deleted photos from phone

  •  Click on Google photos app
  •  Click on the menu at the left top corner side
  •  Select Trash
  •  Click on the image your want to recover
  •  Select Restore. 

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  How to automatically back up photos

 There’s a logic you can use to backup your photos automatically straight to your Email account. Below are the simple steps to take:

  •  Visit Google photos on your android phone
  •  At the right top corner side, click on the icon image
  •  Sign in your Email account. 

 All your photos will be automatically backup and save on the email account whenever you have a new photo.


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