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How to share Data on Airtel using Ussd Code


  It will be very difficult to discuss the top network provider companies in Africa without mentioning Airtel.  Airtel has over the years be one of the most Nigerians favorite network subscription.   They offered their subscribers top consistency high internet speed and less cost of Data bundles which have kept them on top over the years.  They eventually come up with an idea of share or Gifting Data from one Airtel SIM card to another. 

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 How to check Airtel number using Ussd Code

Perhaps, the only internet provider that could be competing ( their Data competitors) with them in terms of Data bundles is “Glo internet“.
   Glo look so competitive with Airtel, their Data bundles almost the same.

   But Airtel have additional Data bundles which make them to outstanding other internet provider. And their call rate is less cost to afford.  In this article, you’re going to learn the easiest way to share or Gifting Airtel data bundles.


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Share and Gifting are different, when you are saying sharing meaning you and another person who’s also using Airtel SIM card would be browsing with the same subscription.
  For instance: i subscribed and I decided to share with you, all I need is to connect your SIM card with mine which Airtel called it “ask a friend”.   While Gifting means I want to subscribe for you with my Airtel SIM card. Airtel called it “Data Gifting”.

How To Share Data on Airtel Using Airtel Ussd Code

To share data on Airtel, you’ll need to create a PIN. But remember there’s always a default PIN “1234”,  I will advise you to change it for security purpose.

>> Simply dial *141#

>> Enter 6 (Gifting and Sharing)

>> Enter any of the options you want to..

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There are five options;

1. Change PIN

2. Data Gifting

3. Ask a friend

4. Data me2u

5. Welcome offers

And I’ve explained Change PIN, Data Gifting and ask a friend.

  Data me2u: this cheat enable you to transfer data from one Airtel SIM to another. For instance: the transfer of 500MB from +23470653422021 to another Airtel SIM. While welcome offers is divided into two, Eligibility check and Gift welcome back.


How To Unshare Data With An Airtel Subscriber

Supposing you are no more not interested in sharing your Data bundles with another Airtel subscriber, follow the steps below;

 >> Put on your phone

>> Go to SMS app

>> Send a text message in the format   “Del Space the phone number” to 121. For instance, “Del 09064704367” to 121.

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