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How to Check MTN Number in Nigeria


  Many MTN users often find it difficult to remember their numbers, particularly the new subscribers, not because they don’t have a last memory. However, it may be as a result of the new SIM, in which they’re yet to memorize the number.

  Scientifically, it has been proven that when something is repeated more than 21 times, it becomes part of the body’s system. Similarly, if a new SIM card is purchased and the phone is used more than 21 times, the user will remember.

  A new user, you can as well use a retention technique to be able to recollect your MTN phone number.

  However, in this article, I will break down the different techniques you may use to check your MTN number.

 How to check your MTN number Code

 This is the first method that involved the use of USSD code.

  •  Simply dial *663*.
  • Almost immediately, your MTN phone number will pop up and an SMS message will be sent to you containing your phone number only.

How to Check my Number on MTN

In addition to the above USD code

  •  Kindly dial *123*1*1 #

  The limitation behind this USSD code is that you can only dial or use this USSD code on the phone number you are willing to know the number and not the second party’s phone number.

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 The second method involved the use of phone calls.

  • Simply recharge the phone number you are willing to know.
  •  Get a close friend
  •  Type in his/her phone number and use the phone number you’re willing to know to call his/her number.

Third method: use of MTN Customer Care

  •  Kindly dial 180 on your phone.
  •  Follow the instructions and ask the customer care representative to assist you with your phone number.

  All the three methods above are the best ways to find your phone number. However, the first method seems to be the most reliable method because you may not easily get the phone number by using a second party’s phone or calling the MTN customer service.

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