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Zoom meeting: How to change background in Zoom?

   This is an essential part that every user must know because it helps you to hide the background of your location. In recent years, many organizations, schools, families, friends, and others have adopted Zoom as a means of relating to one another.

   However, it is mostly used by organizations for conference meetings. Do you know that it is a bad idea to be having an internal conference meeting with co-staff or an external board and your background is horrible, which means you are placing your worth? Do you now know that it is the way you present yourself to your co-staff, co-member, or even external board that they will address you? Learn how to mute yourself on zoom meeting

   That is why you need to learn how to change the background in Zoom so that whenever you are having a meeting via Zoom and the environment background is not okay enough, you too can enjoy this feature and change the background. Learn how to change Google chrome background on PC

   Another advantage is the aspect of job seekers. Many companies out there these days use Zoom to interview job seekers. Now imagine you got an interview letter, and on the day of your interview, you presented yourself with a bad background in respective of your dressing. You may not be addressed properly, but if you perform well, you may be hired.

How do I change background on Zoom?

   There are two different ways in which you can change or add a background in Zoom. Follow the steps below because the two ways will explain how to get a background on Zoom.

How to Change the Zoom Default Background in Steps below

  • Haven download and installed zoom app on your PC if not then click here to download now
  • Launch the app and log in.
  • In the top right corner, you’ll see an icon indicated as “personal profile.” Select the icon
  • From the option display, click settings.
  • There are several options that will pop up here. Select background and filter.

If you don’t see this option, you can use the Zoom website and sign in with your details.

  • Click profile, then select settings.
  • You should be able to see a virtual background. Tap on it to enable the virtual background. You can also allow the use of video as a virtual background by marking the box.
  • Then select any of your favorite virtual backgrounds from the ones provided or click the symbol plus + to upload from your PC or use video filters.

How to change background during a Zoom meeting

   Peradventure you are in a Zoom meeting and during the meeting you don’t like your background, you can decide to change. To do this;

  • Tap the arrow next to stop the video. It is usually between mute and security.
  • And then select virtual background from the drop-down menu. However, you may decide to use video filters as your background. Simply select the video filter.

How to add video filters on Zoom

The steps are similar to the above procedure.

  • After signed in
  • Click profile
  • Select the settings option 
  • Choose background and filters
  • Then select any video filter you may like to use.

How to add a logo to the Zoom background

   During live streaming to Facebook, YouTube, or other social media, you can decide to add your brand logo or custom image to your Zoom account in the form of a watermark, so that your followers can easily recognize you by the logo. But before we proceed, below are the prerequisites. 

  • Your account must be an Enterprise, Business, or Education account.
  • Vanity UR has been approved.
  • Account ownership permission
  • Click here for the procedure. 

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