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How to record screen on laptop

In this article, you will learn how to screen record on a laptop by utilizing the built-in software on Windows and Mac. Likewise, there are many third-party applications that you can use to screen record on PC and Mac.

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Are you a business person or a professional entrepreneur who is willing to show off products, sell goods, or skills by screen recording a product and sharing it on social media, or do you just want to drop a useful short video on your YouTube channel or tutor? This built-in software allows you to screen record on your computer and upload it.

However, some third-party apps have this feature that you can also use to bypass the built-in software on your PC and Mac.


To get started

  • The first thing is to turn on your laptop.
  • Click the window icon on the keyboard
  • Then search for the setting and click on it .
  • Locate and click on Gaming.
  • Here you see four options: Xbox game bar, captures, game mode, and Xbox networking.
  • Toggle switch the Xbox game bar to enable you to screen record the activities on the window, such as playing games or chatting with friends or family.
  • You can also change the keyboard shortcuts.

How to record screen on PC

  • Haven enabled the Xbox game bar
  • Open the game or application you want to screen record. Note that this software is not available for all programs.
  • Press and hold the Win + G keys at the same time on your keyboard.
  • To start recording your screen, click on the record button or use the keyboard shortcut you set during the first procedure above. The default keyboard shortcut is (Windows + Alt + R).
  • To stop the recording, tap the recording bar or use the keyboard shortcut (window + G), then tap the record button.

Your videos are stored in a subfolder named Captures. This is an auto save. Simply open File Explorer and locate the captures folder to preview your screen record.


Frequently asked questions

Q. Can I screenshot while recording the screen?

Ans. Yes, you can by using a keyboard shortcut. You can check our article on how to screenshot on a PC. Likewise, you can use the Xbox game tool to screenshot. How? Press Win + G together to open the Xbox dialog, then tap the camera icon to take a screenshot.

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