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How to remotely control an iPhone from a PC


   In this article, you will learn how you can remotely control your iPhone using your computer system. If your computer is a Mac, you will have the ability to control your iPhone. There is software known as Swift Control which enables you to easily control your iPhone.

   However, this software is limited to many computers, especially old modern computers, unless they are modern Dells (2018) or later, which require Dell’s mobile connect 3.3 application to operate the iPhone. However, in recent years, other computer developers have gone the extra mile in creating software that can operate phones, especially Apple once connected.

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Below are the steps to remotely control your iPhone via computer.

  • Get a Wi-Fi network available and connect both your iPhone and Mac to it. Caution “Make sure that the two are connected to the same Wi-Fi network”. If not, swift control may not work.
  • Log in to iCloud on your iPhone and on your Mac with the same Apple ID, utilizing the same Wi-Fi network.
  • To enable your Mac to control your iPhone, you will need to turn on switch control on your computer.

How to enable switch control on a Mac?

  1. Simply select your system preference.
  2. Click accessibility
  3. Select switch control and tick “enable switch control”.
  4. Then, input your password.
  • To access your devices, navigate through the control panel and you will see an icon resembling a smartphone and a monitor together. Click on it.
  • A list of available phones will display. Simply select your iPhone. Your phone screen will immediately display on your Mac where you can access and control your phone from there.
  • To disable, select disconnect.

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How to Connect an iPhone to a Dell Using Dell Mobile Connect 3.3

   Many Dell laptops already have this application installed, but if your computer does not come with this application, you can download it from the Microsoft store provided your computer is Dell modern. Once your phone is connected, you can make calls, send text messages, transfer files, etc. Stay tuned to our website; more articles on how to control your iPhone via an HP laptop will be published soon.

  • Before proceeding, you will also need to download the iOS app version from the store and make sure it is the updated version.
  • For an effective result, you may need to connect both the Dell and your iPhone to the same Wi-Fi.
  • Open the application on your Dell and iPhone.
  • Follow the instructions by selecting iPhone to connect.
  • Close the app from any of the devices to disable it.

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