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How to turn on Bluetooth on windows 10

   For many years back, Bluetooth has been used as a wireless tool to transfer files from one phone or computer to another, likewise to connect other devices such as audio, cars, wireless monitors, TVs, keyboards, earbuds, and mice, which is the primary assignment.

   However, it is no longer a new thing that as technology advances on a daily basis, Bluetooth keeps losing its quality due to many alternative tools such as Google Cloud, Xender, and many others in the aspect of transferring files between two devices. 

   But in this article, you’ll learn how to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10 and other things related to Bluetooth on Windows will be reviewed. 

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 Let’s get started;

  • The first step is to get the devices you want to pair with your PC. 
  • Turn on your PC 
  • Click the start button on the keyboard, or you can use the window start 
  • Search for settings 
  • Open the settings 
  • Click the device option from the display options. 
  • Under devices, there are three main options, which are: Bluetooth, printer, and mouse. Other options include typing, a touchpad, autoplay, pen and Windows Ink
  • Toggle the switch to the right to turn on the Bluetooth. 
  • A notification will pop up showing the name of your Bluetooth window. For instance, “now discovered as’ “DESKTOP-FG34NSH5”. 

  Alternately, you can also open Bluetooth settings to turn on or off Bluetooth by making use of the action center, usually at the show hidden icon in the taskbar. 

How to connect a Bluetooth device to Windows 10? 

  Before you can pair a Bluetooth device, you need to turn on the Bluetooth. Simply follow the steps above to toggle Bluetooth on your laptop. 
  • Click the start button and search for settings. 
  • Open settings 
  • Select the devices tab. 
  • Toggle Bluetooth on. 
  • Click on “Add Bluetooth or other devices. 
  • Select Bluetooth. You will see different options that can be connected to your PC via Bluetooth. 
  • Then search for any available Bluetooth devices and select the device you want to connect to. 
  • Follow other instructions as shown to connect successfully. 
  • Click done. 

Why is my Bluetooth not working? 

   It’s probably the Bluetooth driver that’s faulty, so you may need to fix it. For additional information about that, click here

Why is Bluetooth not finding devices?

   If you want to connect a phone to a PC in a situation like this, you may need to turn on the PC’s Bluetooth before turning on other devices, then search for the devices on your PC. If you can’t find it, you may need to search for PC Bluetooth via the devices’ either of the two. If you were unable to find it, you may need to confirm why Bluetooth is not working. 

How to connect phone to car Bluetooth? 

  • Ensure the car’s Bluetooth is turned on and discoverable. 
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone. 
  • On your phone, search for your car’s Bluetooth. 
  • Initialize pairing by clicking on the name of your car’s Bluetooth to pair and connect. 
  • Once connected, an automatic voice note will notify you. 

How to connect an iPhone to car Bluetooth?

   It is the same procedure as with the steps above. Once you can follow the above steps, good luck. 

How connect Bluetooth to car?

  You can only connect your car’s Bluetooth to your phone. Unless you purchase an external Bluetooth device, such as a Bluetooth FM Transmitter, and install it in your vehicle.

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