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How to make thread in little alchemy 2 | Simple though Easiest

Wants to learn how to use Little Alchemy? Or how to make thread in Little Alchemy 2? Stay tuned. The role of thread in Little Alchemy 2 is quite significant. If you’re aiming to progress in the textile industry, getting started without thread is not possible.

Thread is crucial for creating fabric and serves various practical purposes. Obtaining thread involves four methods, all of which necessitate having cotton.

How to make thread in little alchemy 4 Simple Ways

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Thread is an essential material in the game, and fortunately, it’s quite easy to obtain. To craft anything in the game, you just need to combine two things. However, the process is a bit more involved than it seems, as it requires research and the construction of various other items.

Here are the four straightforward ways to make Thread:

1. Mixing Cotton with Itself:

This is a fortunate aspect of the game. Unlike most recipes that involve combining two different items, Thread can be crafted by mixing cotton with itself. This simplifies the crafting process, making it faster and requiring fewer steps.

2. Adding a Tool to Cotton:

Another way to make Thread is by adding a tool to cotton. This method adds versatility to the crafting process and offers an alternative approach to obtaining Thread.

3. Throwing Cotton in a Wheel:

Utilizing a wheel is an effective method to create Thread. By simply throwing cotton into the wheel, you can efficiently produce the Thread needed for your crafting endeavors.

4. Putting Cotton Inside a Machine:

The game allows you to use a machine to turn cotton into Thread. This method provides an automated and efficient way to produce Thread, streamlining the crafting process.

By employing these four methods, you can easily acquire Thread for your crafting needs. Each approach offers its own advantages, allowing you to choose the method that best fits your gameplay style and preferences.

Here’s a straightforward guide on how to make thread in Little Alchemy 2:

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1. Make Cotton: Begin by combining Earth with more Earth to create Land.

2. Form Continent: Once you have Land, add more Earth to create a Continent.

3. Create Planet: Mix together two Continents to obtain a Planet.

4. Add Atmosphere: Introduce Air to the Planet to form an Atmosphere.

5. Make Cloud: Add Water to the Atmosphere to create a Cloud.

6. Generate Energy: Combine two Fires to produce Energy. Set this energy aside for later use.

7. Create Puddle: Mix two Waters to make a Puddle.

8. Form Water Bodies: Continuously add Water to the Puddle, progressing through stages like Pond, Lake, and finally, Sea.

9. Make Primordial Soup: Add Earth to the Sea to generate Primordial Soup.

10. Combine Energy with Primordial Soup: Use the previously created Energy and mix it with the Primordial Soup to produce Life.

11. Create Soil: Give Life to Earth to form Soil.

12. Make Rain: Add Water to the Cloud created earlier to make Rain.

13. Generate Plant: Combine Rain with Soil to obtain a Plant.

14. Obtain Cotton: Use the Cloud on the Plant to get Cotton.

15. Form Thread: The final step is to add Cotton to itself, and you have successfully made Thread.

Creating Thread Using Tools and Cotton

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You can make thread using different materials, including a tool you already have. Here’s a simple guide on how to make thread in Little Alchemy 2:

1. Begin by obtaining Land by combining 2 Earths.
2. Create a Continent by adding more Earth to the Land.
3. Combine two Continents to make a Planet.
4. Introduce air to the Planet to obtain an Atmosphere.
5. Mix the Atmosphere with Water to create a Cloud.
6. Add Water to the Cloud to produce Rain.
7. Set aside the Rain and combine 2 Fires and 2 Waters to make Energy and a Puddle.
8. Add more Water to the Puddle to form a Lake, and continue until you reach the Sea.
9. Combine Earth with the Sea to obtain Primordial Soup.
10. Mix the Energy from earlier with Primordial Soup to create Life.
11. Combine Life with Earth to make Soil.
12. Use Rain on the Soil to produce a Plant.
13. Combine the Plant with the Cloud to get Cotton.
14. Create some Pressure by combining Air with Air.
15. Add the Pressure to Earth to obtain a Stone.
16. Mix Water with Earth to make Mud.
17. Combine Mud and Stone to create Clay.
18. Make a Human by infusing Life into the Clay.
19. Now, acquire Metal by heating up the Stone through a combination with Fire.
20. Provide the Metal to the Human, and you’ll obtain a tool.
21. Mix Cotton and the Tool together to create Fabric.

Create Thread with Cotton and Wheel

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A straightforward and enjoyable method to craft thread in the game involves using cotton and a wheel. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to make cotton:

1. Start by combining 2 Earths to create Land.
2. Add more Earth to the land to form a Continent.
3. Merge a Continent with itself to shape a Planet.
4. Introduce air to the planet to produce an Atmosphere.
5. Create a Cloud by combining Water and Atmosphere.
6. Make Rain by merging the cloud with water.
7. Obtain Energy by combining two Fires.
8. Add Water to Water to generate a Puddle.
9. Increase Water to transform the Puddle into a Lake, and continue until you reach the Sea.
10. Mix Earth with the Sea to create Primordial Soup.
11. Combine Energy with Primordial Soup to give rise to Life.
12. Integrate Life with Earth to yield Soil.
13. Utilize Soil with Rain to craft a Plant.
14. Once a plant is formed, introduce a cloud to it to obtain Cotton.
15. Combine Air with Air to generate Pressure.
16. Apply pressure to Earth to create Stone.
17. Merge Water and Earth to make Mud.
18. Produce Clay by mixing Mud and Stone.
19. Infuse the Clay with Life to craft a Human.
20. For Metal, combine Fire and Stone.
21. Create a tool by providing Metal to a Human.
22. Add water to the tool to form a Wheel.
23. Finally, bring together the Wheel and Cotton to create Thread.

combining Cotton and a Machine.

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Creating Thread in Little Alchemy 2 involves combining Cotton and a Machine. This method is the longest but requires just one additional step, making it seamless and unnoticeable.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

1. Begin with Land, using two Earths.
2. Keep adding Earth to Land until you form a Continent.
3. Mix two Continents to create a Planet.
4. Add Air to the Planet to form Atmosphere.
5. Combine water with Atmosphere to make a Cloud.
6. Further add water to create Rain.
7. Generate Energy by mixing two Fires.
8. Make a Puddle by adding water to water.
9. Mix more water with the Puddle to progress to a Pond and continue until you reach the Sea.
10. Create Primordial Soup by mixing Earth with the Sea.
11. Form Life by combining Primordial Soup with Energy.
12. Add Life to Earth to obtain Soil.
13. Mix Rain and Soil together to produce a Plant.
14. Combine Plants with a Cloud to get Cotton.
15. Mix Air with more Air to create Pressure.
16. Add Pressure to Earth to create Stone.
17. Make Mud by combining water and Earth.
18. Create Clay by mixing Mud and Stone.
19. Form Humans by giving Life to Clay.
20. Throw Stone in the Fire to get Metal.
21. Craft a Tool with Metal and a Human.
22. Mix two Tools to create a Machine.
23. Integrate Cotton with a Machine to finally produce Thread.

Uses of Thread

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In Little Alchemy 2, thread serves a few purposes, with its primary use being the creation of fabric. Fabric cannot be made without the inclusion of thread. By combining thread with various elements, you can craft items like candles and cotton candy. Furthermore, you have the option to reverse the process, converting fabric back into cotton with the help of an engineer.

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