Why Your Business Needs a 213 Area Code Phone Number

If your business aims to expand its reach to Los Angeles, a 213 area code phone number can be a strategic move. Having a local number in this area not only establishes your presence but also instills a sense of trust among potential customers.

This article delves into the benefits, history, and the simple process of acquiring a 213 area code number through Dialpad’s AI-powered collaboration platform.

Benefits of a 213 Area Code Phone Number

  1. Local Presence: Establishing a local presence without a physical office is a significant advantage. A 213 area code phone number allows businesses to connect with Los Angeles customers more effectively.
  2. Credibility and Trust: Local numbers are often perceived as more trustworthy. When customers see a familiar area code, they are more likely to engage with your business.
  3. Market Reach: Los Angeles is the third-largest economic metropolitan area in the world with over 3.7 million people. A local number can help tap into this vast market.
  4. Economic Opportunities: With major Fortune 500 companies like AECOM, CBRE Group, and Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. based in Los Angeles, a local number can help your business network and grow.
Local PresenceConnects with LA customers without needing a physical office
Credibility and TrustFamiliar area code increases customer trust
Market ReachAccess to a large and diverse customer base
Economic OpportunitiesPotential to network with major corporations

Where is Area Code 213?

The 213 area code is part of Los Angeles, situated in the Pacific time zone (America/Los_Angeles). This time zone consideration is crucial for businesses operating or interacting with customers in this region.

History of Area Code 213

The 213 area code has a rich history. Created in 1947, it was one of the original 86 area codes established by AT&T and Bell. Initially, it covered all of Southern California, including Los Angeles. However, in 1998, it was split, and some numbers were updated to the 323 area code. Despite these changes, 213 remains a vital part of the Los Angeles telecommunication landscape.

Historical MilestoneDescription
1947Area code 213 was created, covering Southern California
1998Split occurred, creating the need for area code 323
Original Area CodeOne of the first 86 area codes established
Rotary Dial EraRequired fewer pulses, prioritized for populated areas

Why Your Business Needs a Los Angeles Area Code Phone Number

Given the population density and economic prowess of Los Angeles, a 213 area code phone number can significantly benefit businesses targeting this market. Here are some reasons:

  1. High Population: With 3.7 million residents, the customer base is extensive.
  2. Economic Hub: Los Angeles is a significant economic center, attracting numerous businesses and opportunities.
  3. Competitive Edge: Having a local number gives businesses an edge over competitors who don’t have a local presence.
ReasonBenefit to Business
High PopulationLarge potential customer base
Economic HubAccess to a thriving business environment
Competitive EdgeLocal presence offers an advantage over non-local competitors

How to Get a 213 Area Code Business Phone Number

Obtaining a 213 area code phone number through Dialpad is straightforward. Follow these four easy steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings: Access the settings menu on your Dialpad account.
  2. Choose “Add a Number”: Select the option to add a new number.
  3. Check Local Licenses: Ensure your business has the necessary local licenses.
  4. Confirm or Select Number: Confirm the new number or select it from the change menu.

By following these steps, your business can quickly establish a local presence in Los Angeles.

Step 1Navigate to settings
Step 2Choose “Add a Number”
Step 3Check local licenses
Step 4Confirm the new number or select from the change menu

Time Zone Considerations

The 213 area code operates in the Pacific time zone. Understanding this time zone is essential for scheduling calls and meetings with clients or partners in Los Angeles. The Pacific time zone is also referred to as America/Los_Angeles.

Key Historical Facts

The 213 area code holds historical significance. It was the first area code in California, and until 1953, area codes had restrictions on their middle digits. The 213 area code, with a middle digit of 1, indicated it served only part of California. Additionally, because it was created before the widespread use of touch-tone dialing, the number of pulses required for rotary dialing was a consideration. The 213 area code, requiring six pulses, was prioritized for more populated areas.

First in CaliforniaFirst area code established in the state
Middle Digit RuleMiddle digit of 1 indicated partial state coverage
Rotary Dialing EraRequired fewer pulses, indicating prioritization for populated areas

Nearby Area Codes

Los Angeles and its surrounding areas are served by multiple area codes, including:

  • 213/323 (Los Angeles, CA)
  • 310/424 (Los Angeles, CA)
  • 442/760 (Oceanside, CA)
  • 562 (Long Beach, CA)
  • 626 (Pasadena, CA)
  • 657/714 (Anaheim, CA)
  • 747/818 (Los Angeles, CA)
Area CodeLocation
213/323Los Angeles, CA
310/424Los Angeles, CA
442/760Oceanside, CA
562Long Beach, CA
626Pasadena, CA
657/714Anaheim, CA
747/818Los Angeles, CA

Top Cities in Area Code 213

The top cities within the 213 area code include:

  1. Los Angeles, CA – 3,792,621
  2. East Los Angeles, CA – 126,496
  3. South Gate, CA – 94,396
  4. Florence-Graham, CA – 63,387
  5. Montebello, CA – 62,500
Los Angeles, CA3,792,621
East Los Angeles, CA126,496
South Gate, CA94,396
Florence-Graham, CA63,387
Montebello, CA62,500

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