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How to borrow on Airtel Smartphone network | Data or Airtime
Borrow data or Airtime from Airtel Smartphone network

Many Airtel user have been looking forward on how they can borrow data from Airtel. Likewise other telecom Companies we have in Nigeria.

However, almost all the telecom Companies have introduced the options for their customers to borrow data or Xtratime in case of emergency need. But why would you borrow data bundles when there is an alternative options you can go for.

Why can’t you purchase data through your bank account if you don’t have cash with you to buy recharge card from the recharge card seller or buy data directly from your bank account.

Nevertheless, in this article, I’ll show you the easiest way of borrow data from Airtel. But remember before you can borrow data from Airtel likewise other telecom, you must have been qualify.

  I also do borrow data bundles from Airtel not because I don’t have cash but in some cases where I might need it very urgent due to the kind of business I’m into.

How to check your data balance on Airtel

But before I was able to start borrow data, I had to keep my SIM active by Subscribing for three consecutive months.

  Likewise to a new Airtel customers, before you can be eligible to borrow data from Airtel, you have to Subscriber on your Airtel SIM card and keep it active for three consecutive months.

  How to check whether you are Eligible to borrow

I will recommend you should check your eligibility to know whether you are qualify to borrow data.

  •  Simply dial *500#
  •  Select 1 Eligible and help
  •  Select 1 Eligible

Note: a message will pop up to show you whether you’re eligible or not.

 How to borrow data from Airtel Smartphone network.

  • Go to your dial app on your mobile phone
  • Dial*500#
  • Select 3 borrow data

How to borrow Airtime on Airtel

  • Simply dial*500# or dial *121#
  • Select borrow credit or Airtime


  • You can repay your loan or borrow data at anytime.
  • You must have qualified to borrow data from Airtel
  • Service charge is 15%.
  • You can also dial *121# and select 4 borrow credit and other self service.
  • Or dial *500*50# for 10MB, *500*100# for 50MB. Just dial *500*amount#
  • You will not be allowed to borrow data without paying the first one you have borrowed.

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