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How to change fantasy premier league Team Name

   Fantasy premier league has become one of most popular games worldwide, which put every users in a position of Manager by select your favorite squad from a real-life players and earn some collective points base on the performance of each players in your first-IX for that week.

  However, many fans always like to change their Team Name to another Name, this often happened at the middle of the season and while some will not change it until the following Season.

  Nevertheless, I’ll review how to change your current FPL team name to another Name.

Fantasy premier league

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How to change Team name on fantasy premier league

How to change FPL favorite Club

  How to change Team Name on fantasy premier league (FPL).

    Just like I explain early, the introduction of FPL has made the league much more interesting and entertaining each season since it’s launched.

  Below are the procedure to change your FPL Team Name;

  •   Kindly Open your FPL app or web page
  •   Click on Team details

  •  Here, you can change your Team Name with a maximum of 20 character and the name must meant the Terms and conditions.
fantasy premier league


  •  Click Update details
premier league



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  How to change Fantasy premier league favorite Club

  •   Open your FPL web
  •   Click on Team details (it’s a sub-menu under Admin)

  •   Select your favorite Club

  •   Click update details to save.


   Fantasy Premier league (FPL)- FQA

 What is the best formation?

 3-4-3 is the best formation for all FPL fans for better result. Why i recommended this formation is because in premier league matches, most goals and assist come from  midfielders.

 In alternative, 3-5-2 is also a good formation in case you don’t want to use 3-4-3. However, most FPL players prefer 3-4-3 formation.

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