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My laptop is not recognizing flash drive| how to fix

   Are you having difficulties in sending documents from flash drive to your personal laptop? Do you know that the Avast antivirus software or other antivirus software on your laptop could be the caused?

   There are many occasions that I’ll try to send some documents I collected from a friend via flash drive to my personal laptop but my laptop will not recognized the flash drive.

   Until one day, I decided to figured out what could be the caused of not recognizing my flash drive which I’ll be review in this article.

   But before I proceed, what’s the relationship between the Avast antivirus on your laptop and the flash drive?

  As it’s well know that Avast antivirus software help protecting our laptops against virus particularly via flash drive connected to the laptop or even UBS cable connected to phone.

  How to fix laptop that is not recognizing USB drive.

  Perhaps you have an antivirus running on your laptop and you noticed anytime you insert USB drive, it won’t recognized the drive. Then why can’t you follow the instructions below;

  •  Kindly put on your laptop
  •  Before you insert the USB drive, you need to temporarily disable the antivirus on your laptop.

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 How to temporarily disable Avast antivirus.

  •  Kindly locate the Avast antivirus icon on the desktop window
  •  With your mouse point to the Avast antivirus icon
  •  Right click
  •  Select Avast shield control. (this action will take you to the control panel of the Avast antivirus where you can temporarily disable it).
  •  There are few options to temporarily disable the antivirus.
  •  Simply select your choice to disable.

 Next is to insert the flash drive and collect the information you want to send to your laptop.

 Note: it is advisable to activate the Avast antivirus software back once you remove the flash drive.


 How can i download Avast antivirus software?

   Simply go to play store on your laptop and search for Avast antivirus software. You can as well purchase the premium version.


 Why is it that I’ve to disable antivirus software on my laptop before it can be able to recognized flash drive?

  It is because the USB drive as virus and moment you insert it on your laptop and antivirus software is activated, the antivirus will detect the virus on the USB drive and reject because it could damage your laptop.


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