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Glo night plan |How to subscribe for Glo Night browse


   I know you have been looking forward on how to subscribe for Glo midnight plans and Glo weekend plans to download your favorite movies.

  You are in a right place, Read on as I will explain everything you need to know about Glo night and weekend plans and how you can subscribe easily.


  What are Glo night plans

  Glo night subscriptions is a data bundles introduced by Glo for their users to enjoy during the night at a cheap rate. It is available at different plans and prices and different data bundle volumes.

  Glo give their Subscribers the opportunity to browse from 12am midnight to 5am in the morning and it can not be roll over to the next night.

  In case you didn’t finish the data, you have no choice but to subscribe for another one the next night.


   List of Glo Night plans

  Glo introduced several forms of Night plans that their users can easily Subscribe for. Below are the list of Glo night plans for all Glo Subscribers in Nigeria.

  • 25N to get 250MB for 1 night
  • 50N to get 500MB for 1 night
  • 100N to get 1GB for 5 days night

Duration between 12am midnight to 5am in the morning


  How to subscribe for Glo Night plans

There are three different Glo night plans as it is Mentioned above.

Firstly; 25N to get 250MB for 1 night

To subscribe for this plan

  • Dial *777# on your android or iOS phone
  • Select 1 (data)
  • Select 1 (Buy data plan)

Two options will display for you to choose whether auto renew or one off.

  • Select either 1-2
  • Select 7 (night and weekend plans)
  • Select 1 250MB ( 12am-5am)
  • Press send/Ok


 Note: Auto-renewal means your Glo data plans will automatically renew anytime your data is exhausted provided you have credit on your Glo SIM card. 

   While one off means once your data is exhausted, it won’t renew automatically unless you Subscribe.


 Second; 50N to get 500MB for 1 night.

By follow the same method above,

  • Simply dial *777#
  • Select data (1)
  • Select buy data plan (1)
  • Select either Auto or one off
  • Select night and weekend plans
  • Select 2 500MB
  • Press send/Ok

 Remember duration is between 12am midnight to 5am in the morning.


Thirdly; 100N to get 1GB for 5 days (night only)

Kindly go to your dial app on your phone

  • Dial *777#
  • Select data
  • Select buy data plan
  • Select auto or one off
  • Then select night and weekend plans
  • Now select 3 for 1GB


  How to subscribe to Glo Weekend plans “Glo TGIF”

  Glo weekend plans is the cheapest rate with large volume of data bundles. However, there are only two weekend available plans.

  These plans are suitable for an office worker who normally use office wifi to browse during the week. 

  Then Subscribe to Glo Weekend plans which can lasted throughout the weekend. Below are the only weekend available plans;

  • 200N to get 1.25GB (Only Sunday)
  • 500N to get 3GB (available Saturday to Sunday)


 How to subscribe for Glo weekend plans

 To subscribe for these plans, is almost the same procedure with Glo night bundles. Follow the steps below to subscribe for 1.25GB for 200N

  • On your android or iOS phone
  • Kindly dial *777# 
  • Select 1 (data)
  • Select 1 (buy data plan)
  • Select either Auto or one off
  • Now select 7 (night and weekend plans)
  • Select 4 1.25GB
  • Press send/Ok


 To subscribe for 3GB- 500N

Follow the same steps above;

  • And select 5 for 3GB
  • Press send/Ok


  How to check Glo Night plans balance

 This is one of the reasons why I love using Glo to browse because they made checking of data bundles and balance easy for their Subscribers. 

  To check your data balance using Ussd Code;

  • Kindly dial *127*0#


You can also check your balance by sending INFO to 127 on your Sms app.


  • Dial *777#
  • Select 1 data
  • Select 4 (checking data balance)

 But in case you didn’t select 4, 

  • You can also select 5 (manage data plans)
  • Select 4 (Get data balance)

How to Cancel Glo Night Plan?

 Initially, Glo can not deliberately put you in auto renewal plan. You can only select 1 “auto-renewal” plan perhaps by mistake.

 Notwithstanding, to cancel your Auto-renewal plan ; kindly send CANCEL to 127.



  • The Glo Night plans and weekends plans available for all users.
  • Glo Night plans can not be roll over to the following night if you don’t finish the data bundles.
  • Glo midnight browsing for 250MB and 500MB can only be use 1 day while 1GB for 5 days between 12am to 5am
  • Glo weekend plan 200N for 1.25GB can only be used from 12am on Sunday to 11pm on Sunday.
  • Glo weekend plan 500N for 3GB can be used for 12am on Saturday to 11pm on Sunday and can also be used during the week for 7 days but only during the midnight between 12am to 5am. I believe you are not confused?
  • To check your balance, dial *127*0#


 I hope you find this article helpful, please don’t forget to share with friends and family.

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