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How to change Username on Snapchat or deactivate Snapchat

  Generally, Username is the most crucial parts of every social media presence worldwide. Its enable People to recognize you, engage with one another, and relate to your brand if you do this. What happens, though, if you wish to update or replace your Snapchat username

  Well, the simple answer to the question is that until you delete your current account and create a New one, you will not be able to alter your username. 

  However, you can only alter your display name which is visible to everyone on Snapchat. It is important not to mix the two together. 

   Today’s article, I will review to you how to change your display name on Snapchat. Let’s get into the action.

  Table of interest

 What are Display Name and Username on Snapchat

 How to change Snapchat Display Name

 How to Change font name on Snapchat

 Why you can’t change your Snapchat username

 How to delete Snapchat account

  What are Display Name and Username on Snapchat

  Display Name is the name in which every Snapchat users can alter or change at all times while the Username is the name you choose once, meaning its cannot be alter neither edit. 


  How to change Snapchat Display Name

 Just like I explain early in this article that Username can not be edited or change, you can only edit or change your display name.

   Nevertheless, if you really want to change your username on Snapchat, you ought to delete your current account and create a New account.

 Below are the steps to Edit your Display Name on Snapchat;
  •  Click on Setting button
  •  Click on Name
Deactivate Snapchat
  •  Here, you can change, Edit or remove Name.
Delete Snapchat account
  •  Having change or Edit it, click save


How to change Font Name on Snapchat

  This is one of the aspect in which all Snapchat users want to do, but there’s no option provided by the Snapchat developer to use this feature. In other way round, you can still use it but only with a third-party keyboard application.


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  Why you can’t change your Snapchat username

  Because of user security, Snapchat users can only change or Edit username by deleting the active account and creating a new account. 

  However, deleting or deactivate your account would result to losing of account data including friends, memories and other things. 

  But if you delete your current account and create a New account, meaning you’ll start from scratch.

  To safeguard all Snapchat and account data, most users take up the username problem by changing their Snapchat Display Name while maintaining their previous username.


  How to delete Snapchat account

 If you are still agitating of deactivate your Snapchat account in view of using a new Username, it’s very easy. But Snapchat will not deactivate your account instantly, your account will remain inactive for 30 days before completely deactivated.

  Below are the steps to deactivate Snapchat or How to delete Snapchat account;

  •   Kindly open your Snapchat application
  •   Click on profile
  •   Select deactivate from the drop-down menu

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