UBA transfer code: check your account balance, top-up airtime


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     Have you been surfing internet about how you can transfer money from your UBA account to another UBA account or any other commercial Banks in Nigeria.

United for Africa introduced a set of Ussd Code which enable their customers to easily navigate through their UBA account and make transaction at anytime, anywhere without internet connections. However, it may require charges which is applicable to all other banks use Ussd Code.

  The uses of Ussd Code has really reduced the stress of going to the ATM machine or nearest bank to make transaction unless it’s necessary. Nevertheless, I will review to you how to use (United Bank for Africa) UBA Ussd Code to make transaction, Checking account balance, pay bills, Open New account and others.

 Table of interest

What’s UBA Ussd Code

How to activate UBA Ussd Code

How to transfer money from UBA to other banks

How to check UBA account balance using Ussd Code

How to buy Airtime via UBA account using Ussd Code.

How to open UBA account via Ussd Code

What are the benefits of open UBA account via Ussd Code?

  What’s UBA Ussd Code

   UBA Ussd Code is a 3 digits number which start with asterisk (*) and end with hash (#). *919# is use for transactions such as: top-up airtime, pay bills, send money to third party and other functions. 

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 Unity bank transfer code

  How To Activate UBA Ussd Code To Transfer Money

   This is the first step one needs to do before one can be able to use UBA Ussd Code for transactions. This step is mandatory with other banks in Nigeria.

  In case you have misplaced the SIM card you used to registered for the account, you can still activate on your other SIM card by follow the same process or visit any of your nearest bank and seek for a customer.


 To activate your SIM, kindly adhere to the procedure below:

  •  On the SIM card you want to link up with your UBA account,
  •   Simply dial *919#
  •   Service charge will be required before you can proceed. N6.90 Service charge.
  •   Select accept and enter 919 to proceed
  •   Follow up the instructions
  •   Set up your 4 digits secret PIN
  •   Your SIM is linked up and activate
  •   You can then proceed to transaction.
UBA transfer code

 UBA transfer Code: How to transfer money from UBA account to other banks

  Just like I explain before, you need to activate and linked up your SIM card with your UBA account before you can carry out any transaction. However, on each time you make an attempt to use this Ussd Code or any other Banks Ussd Code, always remember the service charge of N7.


 To make transfer from your UBA account to another banks:

  •  Kindly dial *919#
  •  Enter 919 to accept the service charge of approximately N7
  •  Select transfer funds option
  •  Enter the recipient account number and select banks
  •  Enter the amount
  •  Confirm the details and enter your 4 digits secret PIN
  •  Press Send/Ok
  •  Once your transaction is successful, you’ll receive a debit alert

  How to check UBA account balance

  Using Ussd Code to check your account balance is the easiest thing which requires a few steps without internet connectivity to achieve. However, the only disadvantage of using Ussd Code is the service charge which is mandatory for all banks using Ussd Code for transactions.


  To achieve this on your mobile phone without internet connectivity:

  •  Simply dial *919#
  •  Enter 919 to accept the service charge of N7 approximately.
  •  Select Check balance option
  •  Input your 4 digits secret PIN
  •  Press send/Ok


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   How to buy Airtime/Data with UBA account

 You can simply top-up your airtime or data from your UBA account via the using of Ussd Code. Either self Airtime/data or third-party. To purchase airtime/Data via UBA account:

  •  Dial *919#
  •  Accept the service charge of N7 by enter 919
  •  Choose the option Airtime/Data
  •  Enter your phone number
  •  Input amount 
  •  Enter your 4 digits secret PIN
  •  Press send/Ok


 For third-party Airtime/Data

  •  Kindly follow the above steps
  •  Enter the recipient phone number 
  •  Type in ‘the amount Airtime/Data
  •  Type in your 4 digits secret PIN
  •  Press send/Ok


  How to open UBA account on mobile phone

   This is another advance level of technology where you can open bank account via Ussd Code and later go to nearest bank for ATM card. If you have been planning to open a UBA account:

  •  Quickly type in *919#
  •  Follow up the steps Pop up.

  However, to have the full right to your newly account, kindly visit any of the nearest UBA bank to link your BVN with the account.


  What are the benefits of open UBA account via Ussd Code?

  •  No forms is required to fill
  •  Maximum deposit on every transactions you make is N20,000 (Twenty thousand)
  •  N200,000 maximum amount balance
  •  No queue
  •  Opportunity to upgrade your account to avoid transaction limit 

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