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How to turn off low data mode and other related issues


   Are you the type of person that uses data beyond your expectations on a daily basis with your iPhone, never missing this article? At the end of this post, you will be able to turn off or turn on data mode on an iPhone by turning the command switch on or off.

  Low Data Mode, which is also known as Data Save Mode on the Android version, was incorporated into iOS 13, and can help users save data by limiting the consumption of data during streaming, downloading, or browsing for both Wi-Fi and cellular data. This feature is the best option for those that aren’t using an unlimited data plan.

Let’s get started:

What is low data mode?

    Low data mode is a feature that enables you to minimize your data usage on a daily basis. This feature essentially tells other background applications that are tempted to be data-consuming to stop working or send less data to them while your data is active, allowing those apps to receive fewer notifications in return.


How to turn low data mode off or on via cellular data or Wi-Fi

   You can use this feature at any time with no duration. Whether you are utilizing cellular data or Wi-Fi, basically, this feature is good to minimize your data usage.

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How to turn off Low Data Mode on iPhone (Cellular Data)

  • Open the settings on your phone.
  • Select cellular
  • Click on the cellular data options.
  • If you’re using 5G or you’ve got a 5G cellular connection, click the “Data Mode” option.
  • Finally, switch the button command to left or right (either turn on or turn off).

However, if you are connected to Wi-Fi and want to enable Low Data Mode, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Wi-Fi configuration.
  • Locate the Wi-Fi you are connected to or join a new Wi-Fi 
  • Click on the same Wi-Fi name you are connected to.
  • Just below the Wi-Fi address, you should see “Low Data Mode.”
  • Turn it on or turn it off as you wish.


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Disadvantages of turning on Low Data Mode

   Of course, whatever has advantages must also have disadvantages, but it might be different. On the other hand, the disadvantage might not be something serious, but in some cases, it may be. 

  However, did you know that once you enable “Low Data Mode,” all auto-downloads will stop unless you manually restart them (I hope you understand what I mean by manually; if not, please use the comments section for clarification). Even with the manual, anything you download while the Low Data Mode is on will reduce the quality, so it’s advisable to turn off the Low Data Mode if you are looking for quality, but remember that quality will consume much more data than expected at any given time.

   You may also experience internet pages taking a longer time to load, even with a strong network. This is as a result of Low Data Mode being turned on. But if your Low Data Mode is off and your network is strong yet you ‘re still experiencing pages taking time to load, then it may be the website (website Host).

You can check our next article on what to do if a page is not loading or taking time to load.

   Aside from the aforementioned issues, another thing to consider is that auto-backups will be disabled. This is because the Low Data Mode feature has restricted other background apps, which include backup (i.e. iCloud update), from using cellular data or wi-fi while your data is on.

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   Although Apple allows many of these app developers to decide how they want this feature to control their application, each application has its own way of handling this feature (Low Data Mode). 

   Nevertheless, we can assume that once you turn on Low Data Mode, it will reduce the quality of several things on your phone. It is very easy. You can actualize it. Turn on Low Data Mode and use it to download a short video. Likewise, turn off the Low Data Mode and use it to download the same video, then compare the quality.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. Why Does My Hotspot Say Low Data Mode?

Ans. This can only be possible when you are trying to turn on a hotspot for friends or family and you may not be able to turn on a hotspot while Low Data Mode is turned on. That’s for you to turn on your Hotspot, you will need to turn off low data mode, follow the steps above to do that.


Q. How to change Low Data Mode?

Ans. You can either turn on or turn off “Low Data Mode.” Follow the steps above if you don’t know how to do that.


Q. What does Low Data Mode mean on iPhone?

Ans. It simply means you can minimize or economize your data usage by turning on “Low Data Mode


Q. Where is Low Data Mode on the iPhone?

Ans. Navigate to settings on your phone, select cellular, then click cellular data mode or data mode 

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