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The UBA Debit Mastercard card is an automatic-programming card that takes money directly from individual current or savings accounts after the initiation.

With a debit Mastercard, you can withdraw cash from an ATM or POS, make payments directly online and offline, pay utility bills, and more. With a Mastercard, you can withdraw cash at any location in the world. This card can come in either a classic, gold, or platinum variant.

To identify UBA Debit Mastercard

The UBA Mastercard has almost the same features as other Mastercards you may know. This shouldn’t be known to you that Mastercard in Nigeria can also be used in other countries as long as it has not expired which make it to have advantage over visa or verve card.



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 One of these features that you can use to recognize Mastercard from other cards if the name “Mastercard” is not written on them is the two circles that overlap close to the right bottom of the card. One of the circles is yellow, while the other is red.

UBA Mastercard


Benefits of the UBA Mastercard

  With your UBA debit MasterCard, you can get extra special offers, deals, and discounts. Below are some of the discounts:

  • You’ll get 10% back on your subsequent staycation booking with your debit MasterCard on
  • 10% off the monthly subscription plan on all Showmax However, this offer is only available to debit Mastercard users.

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