Best iPhone 11 cases and iPhone 11 Pro

While the iPhone 11 may not be the newest Apple phone, it’s essential to keep it protected. Despite fancier models, phones can still break from falls, scratches, and dents. To help you find the perfect fit for your style, we’ve gathered some top-notch cases for the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.

With the iPhone 11’s variety of colors, we’ve included translucent cases to showcase your phone’s aesthetic. These cases have precise cutouts, ensuring you can use your phone seamlessly, including the camera lens. Plus, they provide extra protection if your phone takes a tumble. Learn more about YouTube premium subscription

Whether you prefer a slim, folio, grip, or specialized case, our selection has you covered. From raised bezels to wireless charger compatibility, protection for your camera lens, and even genuine leather options – we’ve got the best iPhone 11 cases for you. Keep reading to discover the ideal case for your needs and preferences.

Types of iPhone 11 Cases

iPhone 11 cases come in various styles and functionalities, catering to different preferences and needs. Here’s a breakdown of some popular types:

  • Slim Cases:
  1. Perfect for those who prefer a minimalistic look and want to maintain the slim profile of the iPhone 11.
  2. Provides basic protection against scratches and minor drops without adding bulk.
  • Folio Cases:
  1. Ideal for users who want all-around protection, covering the front and back of the device.
  2. Often includes card slots or pockets for added functionality.
  • Grip Cases:
  1. Designed for those who want a secure hold on their phone.
  2. Typically made with textured or rubberized surfaces for enhanced grip.
  • Cases with Raised Bezels:
  1. Offers extra protection for the screen by featuring raised edges around the display.
  2. Helps prevent direct contact between the screen and surfaces when placed face down.
  • Precise Cutout Cases:
  1. Ensures that all ports, buttons, and the camera lens are easily accessible.
  2. Ideal for users who prioritize convenience and don’t want to compromise on functionality.
  • Wireless Charger-Compatible Cases:
  1. Designed to work seamlessly with wireless charging pads.
  2. Allows users to charge their iPhone 11 without removing the case.
  • Camera Lens Protection Cases:
  1. Specifically crafted to safeguard the camera lens from scratches and impacts.
  2. Essential for users who prioritize maintaining the quality of their phone’s camera. 9 common social media abbreviations
  • Button Cover Cases:
  1. Features protective covers for the iPhone’s buttons.
  2. Offers additional defense against dust and debris.
  • Genuine Leather Cases:
  1. Appeals to users who appreciate a premium, stylish look.
  2. Provides a sophisticated feel while offering protection.

When choosing an iPhone 11 case, consider your lifestyle, preferences, and how you use your phone daily. Whether you prioritize style, functionality, or rugged protection, there’s a wide range of cases available to suit your needs.

Some of the affordable iPhone 11 cases

  • Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid
spigen iphone 11 cases

If you’re on the lookout for an affordable clear case for your iPhone 11, Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid is a great deal, priced between $11 and $15, depending on your iPhone 11 version. While it doesn’t come with a specified drop rating, Spigen’s clear cases generally provide decent protection. If you’re looking for something even more robust, consider spending an additional $30 on the Spigen Tough Armor case. The Ultra Hybrid is an excellent choice for those who want a case that’s just the right thickness—neither too thin nor too bulky. Compared to Speck’s clear case, which is a bit thicker but potentially more protective, the Ultra Hybrid strikes a good balance.

It’s worth noting that some budget-friendly clear cases might yellow over time and lose some transparency. However, given their low cost, replacing them with a new transparent case won’t break the bank if that happens.

  • Mous
mous cases

Mous offers a variety of cases with cool designs, featuring thin models made of leather and wood. All their cases are equipped with AiroShock material, providing solid protection in a slim build. They appear sturdy and come with a lifetime warranty.

I particularly liked the speckled leather case, while the bamboo case from Mous’ Limitless 3.0 line (pictured on the right) is special. It works with the company’s Limitless 3.0 accessories, including a wallet that sticks magnetically to the back of the case and mounts, like an air-vent mount for your car.

Notably, Mous cases stand out as the only ones I’ve come across that have a SIM card slot inside the case. This feature is handy for international travelers who switch SIM cards frequently.

  • BodyGuardz
bodygardz iphone 11 cases

BodyGuardz, originally recognized for screen protectors, has expanded into iPhone cases. One favorite is the Momentum (shown on the left) with a padded textured back. Another is the Accent Wallet case (pictured on the right), a leather case with a handy slot on the back for storing a couple of credit cards. Both cases come with a lanyard that you can decide to attach to the iPhone case or leave off.

  • Adidas
adidas iphone 11 cases

Adidas offers a diverse range of iPhone cases, each drawing inspiration from the distinctive designs of their iconic sneakers. These cases not only showcase the style of Adidas but also provide a slim and trendy look for your iPhone. While they offer decent protection, it’s essential to note that they may not provide the highest level of durability for more intense impacts.

The variety of styles available allows you to choose a case that resonates with your personal taste and aligns with your fashion preferences. Whether you prefer a subtle and classic look or a more vibrant and eye-catching design, Adidas has options to cater to different styles.

In terms of pricing, Adidas iPhone cases are available in a range from $12 to $50, depending on the specific style you opt for. This variety in price allows you to find a case that not only suits your aesthetic preferences but also fits within your budget.

Overall, Adidas iPhone cases are an excellent choice for individuals who want to blend their love for sportswear and technology, adding a touch of Adidas flair to their everyday device.

  • Casetify
casetify iphone 11 cases

Casetify cases stand out for their cool designs, which are attached to a clear case. They’re slim, stylish, and provide decent protection. With a range of design patterns, they’re particularly appealing to teenagers. Prices usually hover between $30 and $40, making them both trendy and affordable.

Other affordable and Stylish cases

  1. Ringke: Ringke provides sleek and trendy cases that won’t break the bank. They often feature slim profiles and unique patterns to suit different styles.
  2. ESR: ESR offers a range of stylish cases with modern designs. Their cases are not only affordable but also known for their durability.
  3. Anker: Anker’s cases are both affordable and stylish. They come in various designs, including clear cases and those with vibrant patterns.
  4. TORRAS: TORRAS provides elegant and slim cases at a reasonable price. Their cases often feature minimalist designs for a sleek look.

Remember to check customer reviews and product details to ensure the case you choose meets your preferences for both style and affordability.

Some other stylish clear cases

If you’re looking for stylish clear cases, here are some options to consider:

  1. Totallee: Totallee offers ultra-thin clear cases that provide a minimalist and sleek look, allowing the natural beauty of your phone to shine through.
  2. Caseology Skyfall Series: The Skyfall Series by Caseology combines a clear back with stylish colored bumpers, providing both protection and a fashionable appearance.
  3. OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series: Known for their durability, OtterBox offers a clear case in their Symmetry Series, combining style with robust protection.
  4. Speck Presidio Stay Clear: Speck’s Presidio Stay Clear case is designed to resist yellowing, providing a long-lasting clear look while keeping your phone stylish and protected.
  5. Razer Arctech Clear Case: Razer’s Arctech Clear Case not only showcases your device but also includes a thermaphene layer for improved heat dissipation during heavy use.

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