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How to create an Email group in Gmail: Step-by-Step

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    Gmail is widely known for having the highest number of users. If you’re looking to streamline your communication efforts, creating an email group in Gmail is a smart move.

    This not only saves you money but also valuable time, as you won’t need to invest in expensive autoresponder services. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a group email list in Gmail, setting up a group Gmail account, and more.

    When to Create a Group in Gmail

    If you’re wondering how to create a group email list in Gmail, chances are you’re already using Gmail as your primary email service provider. In such a case, creating a group email in Gmail can be highly beneficial for various reasons.

    Since Gmail is the most widely used email service globally, you won’t need to seek out another provider solely for sending bulk messages or setting up group emails. This simplifies your email management process and keeps everything consolidated in one place.

    Benefits of Creating an Group Email

    Creating a group email offers numerous benefits, including:

    1. Efficient Communication: With a group email, you can effortlessly reach out to a specific list of people all at once. Whether it’s sending messages to friends, family, co-workers, or a targeted audience for promotional purposes, group emails make communication streamlined and efficient.
    2. Timely Information Sharing: Group emails enable you to send timely information when it matters most. Whether you need to cancel a last-minute meeting or reschedule an event, having a group email list eliminates the need to manually type out individual email addresses, saving you precious time and ensuring everyone receives the message promptly.

    How to Set Up a Email Group Account in Gmail

    Google offers a helpful feature called Groups, which allows different groups like project teams, clubs, or classes to communicate and share content easily. One useful way to use a group is by setting it up as a collaborative inbox. This allows your team to collectively manage and respond to messages from group members or even customers.

    Here’s how you can create a group email account in Gmail:

    1. Visit Google Groups: Head over to Google Groups and click on “Create Group.”
    2. Name Your Group: Enter a name for your group and specify the email address you wish to use. This email address will end with “”
    3. Describe Your Group: Provide a brief description of your group to help members understand its purpose.
    4. Choose Group Type: Select “Collaborative Inbox” from the drop-down menu labeled “Select a Group Type.”
    5. Set Permissions: Decide which members you want to authorize to access inbox features. You can choose from various permission settings, such as allowing the public to view topics or permitting all members to post messages.
    6. Create Your Group: Click on “Create,” then confirm by clicking “OK” to manage inbox settings.

    How to Create a Group Email in Gmail

    If you want to create an email group directly within Gmail, follow these simple steps:

    1. Access Google Contacts: Log in to using your preferred Gmail account.
    2. Navigate to Contact Creation: Once logged in, click on the menu located at the top left corner.
    3. Choose “Create Contact”: From the expanded menu, select “create contact.”
    4. Opt for Multiple Contacts: Click on “create multiple contacts.”
    5. Label Your Group: At the top of the window, you’ll find a label field where you can name your contact list. Simply click on the “no label” text and assign a name for your email group. If you’ve previously set up labels or groups, you can select from the existing list.
    6. Add Contacts: Proceed to input the names and email addresses of your contacts. You can add them individually by typing each name and address separated by a comma or in bulk by uploading a CSV or vCard file.
    7. Import Contacts (if needed): If you’re uploading contacts in bulk, use the “import contacts” option at the bottom of the window.
    8. Save Your Group: Once you’ve finished adding contacts, click on “create” at the bottom to save your email list.

    How to create Email Groups in Gmail Mobile App

    As mobile apps become integral to our daily lives, setting up an email group in Gmail using the mobile app might seem challenging. While the Gmail app itself has limitations in this aspect, there’s a workaround that allows you to accomplish this using another app.

    Here’s how to do it:

    1. Open the Gmail mobile app and navigate to the menu option.
    2. Look for the “Contacts” option within the menu.
    3. Tapping on “Contacts” will direct you to the contact app available on the Google Play Store for Android users or the App Store for iPhone users. If you already have the contact app installed, it will open directly.
    4. Within the contact app, you can create an email group following similar steps as described above.

    How to Send Group Emails on Gmail

    When sending group emails on Gmail, privacy concerns may arise as all recipients can typically see each other’s email addresses. To send emails to a group on Gmail without revealing recipients, follow these steps:

    1. While composing a new email, type “Undisclosed recipients” followed by your own email address within angle brackets in the “To” field. For instance, “Undisclosed recipients [email protected]
    2. Next, locate the “Bcc” field. If you don’t see it, you can reveal it by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+B (Windows) or Command+Shift+B (Mac).
    3. Once the “Bcc” field is visible, you can add recipient emails either individually or by group.
    4. After adding recipients, proceed to compose your email and send it.

    Sending Emails to Groups/Labels

    After learning how to create groups in Gmail contacts, the next step is sending messages to these groups or labels. Here’s how:

    1. When composing a new email, simply type the name of the group or label in either the “To” or “Bcc” field.
    2. Gmail will automatically recognize the group or label name and include all associated contacts when sending the email.


    How do I create a group email list in Gmail?

    How to efficiently organize your entire team into one easily accessible group—even including Dave:

    1. Visit
    2. On the side menu, locate and click the Create label icon, represented by a plus (+) sign.
    3. Input your desired label name, then click Save.
    4. Choose the contacts you want to include in your email group.
    5. Add these selected contacts to the label you just created.

    Can you create a mailing list in Gmail?

    To access your Gmail account, simply log in and select a label from the menu on the left side. This will show you all the emails categorized under that label. Next, click on the “Build Email List” button. GMass will then create a list of contacts using the email addresses found within the emails under that label.

    How to create a group email in Gmail without recipients showing?

    To safeguard everyone’s privacy when sending emails to multiple recipients, follow these simple steps:

    1. Add all the email addresses to the Bcc field. This ensures that each recipient receives the email without seeing the addresses of the other recipients.
    2. Optionally, you can include your email address in the To field. This allows you to receive a copy of the email while still keeping the other recipients’ addresses hidden.

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